DIY Roman Shades!

Over the weekend I made curtains for Mike and I's room. We have been wanting curtains in here for awhile now - mainly because the cheap vinyl mini blinds aren't necessarily easy on the eyes and also they let the sun shine in like a boss at 6:15 am. We also have a street light that sits outside of our bedroom window that at night makes Mike declare "It's brighter than the sun in here!" so I knew that blackout curtains were in our future....more

Mock Roman Shades DIY

I just love easy peasy window treatments.  Why?  Because I change my mind from time to time and love to swap things out occasionally.  So the criteria is that it has to be easy to make and budget friendly.  Mock Romans fit the bill....more

I no longer DIY...

Who knew that finding window treatments for my daughter's room would be such a chore...and a headache to say the least. After giving her room a facelift well over a month ago with a little paint it was time to say goodbye to her builder blinds...well kind of anyway. ...more