Remembering Manners

I always thought I was polite and even get accused of being "prim and proper". How you can sit around talking sex all day and remain prim and proper is beyond me, but I've heard it more than once. I recently went through one of those life changing moments though where all I could think of is how not prim and proper I am.  Not only that, upon reflection of a simple five minute phone call, I realize that I'm on the verge of becoming a complete barbarian!...more

Someone Is Sleeping In my Bed

Someone Has Been Sleeping in My Bed I wrote this story some time ago and thought I would share it with you.  I will warn you, it is long so I have split it into three parts.  This is part one.  I will post the next installment next Wednesday. ...more

Confessions of an Entertainment Journalist Fallen from Grace

Before I venture off into a great beer and barbecue abyss on this lovely 4th of July, I’m going to come right and say something that I ...more

A dance with my husband

I love to dance.  For many years, I went to a small club in Boston and danced nearly every Saturday night.  I went with two different sets of girl-friends over the years.  I had so much fun selecting my outfits and accessories  (bling) for going out.   I made sure my hair was just so ...more

Valentine's Day - Table For One

If you are single, Valentine's Day can be pretty depressing. The commercialization of the holiday is geared towards romantic partners, taking little account of the thousands of people who are not in current relationships. You can turn this around by changing your perspective on love - who else in your life do YOU love? Parents, siblings, friends and co-workers ...more

I Left My Heart in Santa Fe

 Sadly I had to leave my pilot and come home. My only regret is not having used the fireplace for a romantic ending. I was not sad to leave Santa Fe, but I could feel my throat choke up at the thought of saying goodbye to my wing man. ...more

My Vintage Romance

Next year John and I will be married for twenty-five years! That's 175 in dog years and sometimes I feel every bloody year. No joke. It's a cliche. The couple that lives in the same house year after year, eats together in silence, beaten into boredom by familiarity, forgetting what brought them together in the first place. For the last year John and I worked extra hard to start a new company, opening my new office, and dealing with more lawyers then I ever want to ever see in my life ever again. Talk about fun suckers. ...more

She Just Got Married, Part III - His Name is Eric

His name is Eric….They met in the sixth grade and he was her ‘bully’ – or more accurately, he was doing what sixth grade boys do when they like a girl.  And if that girl’s assigned seat just happened to be directly in front of said ‘bully’, then it made it just a little easier for him to get her attention. ...more

I'm an LWL member, too, and you've been tagged! Please visit for more ...more

What men want?

What Men Want? This is a question that must be especially troubling women in the modern times. If we ask women directly they say that men confuse them and they don’t understand what men are really looking for in a relationship. Times have indeed changed. Today women are asserting themselves in their newer role as sexually liberated career women in charge of their own destiny. What men want: The struggle of the modern man ...more

Vacationing with a Type-A Personality

If you spent any part of this holiday weekend with a Type A personality or as the term has been updated to, a "High Achiever," you may be ready to redefine the term "holiday."  Do these people know how to have fun? A person who is focused on success in his career has trouble shifting into a lower gear, and quite frankly, it's possible that he doesn't really want to.  Here are a few tips on how to enjoy yourself with someone who may not agree on your style of vacationing. ...more