Enough with the Half-Naked Men, Already! Readers Want Diversity in Their Books…and Their Covers.

  When perusing the Romance section on Kindle, you’d think that a cover with a half-naked man, glistening in a sheen of sexy sweat, would definitely be the one to catch your eye. Who doesn’t love a tasty morsel of man torso? But what if all the covers had shirtless, rippling muscles? How do you choose? How does a single cover stand out to you?...more

Ferry Tail Books

Once upon a time there were three little books, named Tempted By Infamy, Courted, and Cupid’s Arrows. These books were written by Sylvia Ketrie and she loved them very much, but the books were sad....more

Book Reviews for Spice Box

I recently signed up to be a review blogger as part of the Literati Author Services. I love the idea of this service for indie publishers becuase it gets their stories out into the real world with some real backers. ...more

Blitzing Emily: A Love and Football Novel by Emily Brannagh

sounds like a fun read--thanks for the reviewmore

I wrote a romance novel

Y’all, I am pleased to announce that I, Betty Fokker writing under the nom de plume S y l v i a K e t r i e (let’s not link the two names on the web, lest my opinions offend/scare some innocent reader) have produced a romance novel. Apparently, hanging out with fiction writers is catching. Who knew? The title of said book is Tempted By Infamy and I am asking you all very nicely to buy it for the very reasonable sum of $2.99. Unless that isn’t your thing, in which case just ignore the request. Here’s what it looks like on Amazon. ...more
sakinaspeaks Thank you. You are now my favorite.more

A Review of Surrender My Love by Johanna Lindsey

Have you ever read a book and not liked it, but been mystified as to exactly why it sucked? You know, the writing is good enough but there is just something about it that gives you the sneers. It’s not anything egregious; it’s just pervasive. It’s … subtle....more

Award Winning Novel is an Instant Classic!

We enter the “Make Believe World” when we open a book and begin to read. It is a world that can fill us with wonder, where dreams can come true, where we can go on an adventure or fall in love all over again....more

Sometimes I'm so dumb, I even amaze myself (or, my life as the village idiot).

       I have resisted bubble tea for years now, because who on earth would want to drink hot, carbonated tea? I just had some; am feeling dumber than usual (which is saying a lot). This wouldn't be a big deal, but I'd be lying if I said this sort of thing rarely happened to me. Examples below: ...more

Female Romance Author is Actually a...

My Take on 50 Shades of Grey