Why Lindsey McKenna Wrote NOWHERE TO HIDE

In the late 1980’s, I created Morgan’s Mercenaries, a romantic military suspense family saga-series. It went on to become 45 books strong, best selling, around the globe and put into 33 foreign languages....more

Free e-book, March Madness - A Novella

For the next five days, just in time for gift giving to your favorite reader, you can get my romantic suspense novella, March Madness free at the Kindle store on Amazon.com...more

Romantic suspense still prefers to be bestselling books for teens

Poetry remains the most appealing from of human expression. It always existed in different era of the time. No matter how technological advancement we have, we still prefer poetry for expression of our inner voice. There are different types of poetry. Poetry for children, mother loves poetry, motivation and inspirational poetry, poetry for humane love, love of nature etc. Poets have produces master creation poetry pertaining to everything surrounding this world. There are some award winning poets who are immortal through their remarkable poetry....more

Award winning poet which expressed unspoken feelings

The Award Winning poet above all has the love of the language; it is the medium through which he tries to reach out to the world. They do not attempt to draw out their creative juices just for the sole purpose of being patted on the back, or even a shallow thought of being the best. It is to bring life into the world, change it into a world they expect it to be....more

Joyce Lamb Scores a Triple Hit with Her New Suspense Series

    Recently, I sat down with best-selling author Joyce Lamb to talk about her exciting new column with USA TODAY, her career as a journalist and her terrific new suspense series.  MK:TRUE VISION won the Daphne Du Maurier award in Single Title Romantic Mystery Suspense. You've been compared to Iris Johansen and Tami Hoag. Heady stuff for a novelist?     JL:Yes, it is!...more
Thanks for dropping by, Na! I can't wait to hear all the deets about Joyce's booksigning with ...more

Romantic suspense may not always be a fiction

As romantic suspense novels are basically an extension of the romance novels, the romantic relationship between the hero and heroine lies at the core of the story. The romance novel comes under the broader and more diverse literary genre known as women’s fiction. The difference between a pure romantic novel and a romantic suspense novel is that a romantic suspense does not use very emotional and intimate dialogues and scenes like the pure romantic novel....more

College students are more into romantic suspense fiction

Romantic suspense is all time favorite read. Romantic suspense basically focuses on relationship between two people and suspense which revolves around them. The pivotal plot or theme of the novel is directly related to two main protagonist of the novel. Romantic suspense is specially written targeting to women readers. It is believed women surpass men when it comes to reading romantic suspense. Throughout the ages in the world of literature this genre was special and popular....more

Why Romantic suspense no more young adults favorite

Woman fiction is a broad term encompassing the huge range of literary works that are specifically marketed for the female readers. Many people are of the opinion that women’s fictions are written by women alone but that is not the case. Women’s fiction may be targeted at women but are not necessarily written by them always. It includes various literary sub-genres including romantic novels, chick lits, etc....more

The mystery on Women Fiction solved

Romantic suspense, at the name suggests, is a particular genre of fiction where you find a perfect balance between romance and mystery. Romantic suspense books deal with a suspense or mystery that the main protagonists are faced with. Typically, the heroine of the novel is the innocent victim of an attempted crime. She takes the help of the hero to solve the mystery, and in the process, falls in love with him. ...more

Women’s Fiction and Romantic Suspense novels: Derivatives of the Romance Novel?

  A romance novel is a literary genre where the primary focus is on the relationship and romantic love between two people. The main plot of the novel, that is, the central conflict and climax, is directly related to the core theme of romantic love between the protagonists....more