Zaffron is Leary of Mitt Romney

Russell and I decided to watch the Star Wars series with the kids. We've seen the first two movies (four and five) and we're just about to start the animated series, The Clone Wars, before moving on to the third movie....more

Why I am voting for the Frugal "Nice Man"

Why I am voting for the “Frugal” Nice ManLet me begin by saying what I am writing is from my heart and from my experiences and not as a spokesperson from the campaign.  I have been shy to compose this piece about my feeling about Mitt Romney and the election but here goes:...more
@KathyAtK-RunBeagles Really, Kathy?  Ewwwww?  which part?more

Will Barry Wag the Dog?

Just in case you’ve just crawled out from under a rock, you should be aware that Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney seems to be running away with the Presidential race. ...more

Knee Deep in Nastiness

Okay. ...more

Five Simple Reasons Why I Will Not Vote for Mitt Romney in the Presidential Election

5. Misrepresentation of his experience in the private sector. Mitt Romney’s job experience in the private sector does not include entrepreneurship or running any business that provided a product or service (with the exception of consulting being framed as a service). In as much, he is not the job creator he would like voters to believe he is. What he has created is a story of hard work being the sole key to his career success. Unfortunately it’s not the type of physical labor and/or sacrifice most of us equate with working our way to the top....more

Binders Full of Malarkey: A ~30 yr old, intelligent woman’s opinion

It’s maddening that at this critical juncture in America, headlines, tweets, and commentary are focused on sound bites. (Thus the title of this piece – with those keywords alone it should get picked up, right?) So let’s take that now infamous binders comment and drill down to the substance.The question was:“In what new ways to you intend to rectify the inequalities in the workplace, specifically regarding females making only 72 percent of what their male counterparts earn?”...more

And the winner is...Gary Johnson?

More of the same rhetoric and bitch-slap ineffectual sparring between Obama and Romney left the two tied--again. And still....more

If real questions COULD be asked...

BlogHer editor Grace Hwang Lynch asked "What should Candy Crowley ask at the Presidential Town Hall?" in a blog post tonight. Pardon the re-gifting, but here was my response: I would like to hear each candidate define treason. Isn't intentionally inflicting injury on the country as a whole for the benefit of party politics or a select group of individuals an act of treason? ...more