We Could All Learn From Reagan

Today is my middle daughter's 10th birthday. Reagan Dallas Bach is named after Ronald Reagan, more on that later, and my father, Dallas. She's my never-say-die, full of spunk, sweet daughter.One of the coolest things about being a Mom is seeing your children become individuals. I thought my job as a parent was to mold, to help create who my child would be. Now, I know better. I can foster, but they sense any attempt at molding and avoid it with great effort.Good thing my Reagan is a lovely individual....more

True Ghost Stories 1: Reagan's White House Ghost

   (I’m planning a three-part Halloween series of inv...more

(VIDEOS) The Pence Amendment and Planned Parenthood: Do More Than Sign a Petition

You might feel outnumbered (though you are actually in the majority), or that you don’t have the money or mainstream media access to be effective. So you must use what you've got, and believe me when I tell you that the resources you need are always there if you can see them and have the courage to use them. ...more
@NewWomanOrder "New Woman Order" really? I mean its a clever take on the NWO but. is that what ...more

Two Little Boys, Ronald Reagan at 100, and the Yankees

Remember when Reggie Jackson was Mr.October?  The guy the Yankees turned to in every World Series, and who had an impact even on their opponents - one of whom is "Sarah and the Goon Squad.".  To many kids kids growing up in Manhattan, Reggie Jackson hung the moon.  Unfortunately, he also frequently got drunk and into fights on homeward-bound post-game flights.  What, you wonder, does that have to do with Ronald Reagan?...more

Obama & Reagan: There's No Comparison

Despite what Time Magazine thinks, there's really no comparison between Obama and President Reagan.Obama and Jimmy Carter? They're practically long-lost twins....more

You might find this article about Reagan's popularity and style interesting. ...more

Getting a Hall Pass on President Obama's September 8th Address

Thursday I worked with a group of grassroots activists to launch www.hallpassonthat.com, the alternative to the Department of Education's decision to bypass each state's, each school district's educational hierarchy to deliver the president's September 8th address. I announced it on national television Thursday morning.  ...more

Dana, I didn't see you 'engage' many of the people here who DID have relevant ...more

Will the Long National Nightmare Be Over?

I early-voted in Arizona a couple of weeks ago. It was almost like praying. I spent a long time on the ballot, which was quite extensive--in Arizona as in many Western states there's always a raft of ballot initiatives to consider, and judges though appointed initially must be retained in office by a vote of the people. I voted on every single one of the dozens of judges even though I knew little about most of them. I don't think I ever relished filling out a ballot so much, and I was glad the early vote ballots are done by old ...more