My apartments

I recently got sent a questionnaire/ quiz from one of my friends, you know those badly formatted long emails full of silly questions about your favorite color and childhood nickname? It was one of those, and because she listed me as "most likely to respond", I started filling it in.  One of the questions was about the most interesting places we had lived. At first, I was little embarrassed that I have only lived in Winnipeg -- my husband has lived in many places including England and Newfoundland....more

I came out to my roommate...

I live in a university owned townhouse (there's two bedrooms, basically like an apartment) and recently had a female roommate move in.  All of my friends' immediate reaction was "You HAVE to tell her your a lesbian!"   I was against this at first because I believe that I shouldn't have to explicitly come out to her and make a big deal out of it.  I am comfortable with who I am and figured that if it ever came up I'd just be honest. Seemed like a good plan... ...more

Thanks for brining that argument up.  Both arguments are very true and I think that's ...more

How To Find A Place To Live After College

On Sunday I posted about four different housing options for after college. I thought it would be useful to share some of the resources I used when looking for a place to live after college. Here are my top three recommendations: ...more

Four Housing Options for College Grads: Pros and Cons

Choosing what type of housing to look for can be a difficult decision for someone starting their first job or finding their first place to live. Here are some pros and cons to consider: Live With Your Parents Pros: ...more

Update: Rabbit, final

The Great Rabbit feud has ended. JM and her roommate had it out Saturday afternoon. JM discovered that the roommate was upset over something that had nothing to do with a rabbit and over something she didn’t even do. The silent treatment tactic apparently is just how she deals with conflict. What a waste… a week lost over a misunderstanding, when a little conversation could have fixed it immediately. JM even asked her numerous times what the real problem was because she couldn’t believe all this drama was over a hypothetical pet. ...more

Update: Rabbit

As of Friday, JM made it abundantly clear to her roommate that she does not want a rabbit or any other sort of live pet in their dorm room. She now has to deal with a petulant child that will either repeat everything she says back to her, turn her back when JM is talking with her, or simply not say anything. She actually ate dinner in their closet because she didn’t want to be in the same room with JM. Class was out on Monday in observance of Veterans Day so JM had the room to herself for the weekend. Tuesday the roommate was back and the icy conditions hadn’t improved. JM said she could handle the silent treatment. It’s at least better than litter box stank. More... ...more

And then we'll all watch Stepmom

Characters: SJ (single), Leah (long term relationship), Laura (long term relationship: engaged), and Me (as single as they come) Location: the living room of my apartment. Hanging out. Me: Oh by the way SJ, you're invited to "Single Girls' Night", because we're tired of couples being allowed to have couples night. We can be equally exclusive! ...more

Roommate Drama

Here is one of those situations where the kid is more than four hours from home, she is having a crisis and wants to handle it herself. I’m incensed and want to help, but also want to give her the opportunity to see it through alone. Gotta love college roommates. Seems JM’s roommate is a little lonely so her boyfriend offered to get her a puppy. A puppy the roommate believed she could hide from the Resident Assistant by putting it in a kennel under her bed. I believe dorm rules prohibit such a thing, but it didn’t seem to matter to the roommate. JM is worried she’ll lose her room if she doesn’t try to stop this. Read the rest of this entry... ...more