Justifiable Roostercide?

Anne KimballLife on the Funny FarmAs you may know if you follow along here regularly, I have a rooster named Big Daddy. And he is evil incarnate. And it is quite possible that I have killed him....more

I Was Once Mistaken for a Rooster

True story, friends.This happened way back in the day when I was still living in Saudi Arabia.  One of our neighbours got a Rooster.  I'm not sure why.  It's not like I lived in the middle of nowhere....more

Rooster Reality

Late last summer, I wrote a blog, Rooster Envy, in which I described my general love for all things chicken and about a beautiful eight foot rooster I had found in Amarillo, TX.  With four months to go until my birthday and Christmas, I dreamt about that large bird on a daily basis.  He would look so cool suspended from the ceiling…he would look so amazing standing guard over our kitchen.  Although I felt he wasn’t significant enough in size to make a statement as yard art, standing sent...more

Farm Friday - Rooster For Sale. Cheap.

Anne Kimball Bringing Borya Home Farm Friday - Rooster for Sale. Cheap. I swear, Big Daddy's days are numbered. The only way I can keep from slaughtering him would be to sell him down the river, which I'm considering very seriously. I never wanted a rooster. I never ordered a rooster. I do not enjoy owning a rooster. Oh, sure, her provides country ambience, and he's pretty to look at, but those are his only contributions and they do not tip the scales in his favor....more

Rooster Envy

I recently read The Bloggess’ blog post, And that’s why you should learn to pick your battles, a snortingly funny story about the Bloggess and her girlfriend buying a five foot rooster, placing it on her front doorstep, ringing her doorbell, then running and hiding.  Her husband’s reaction to the surprise visitor was priceless....more

The Cock I Got in Jamaica

I collect roosters, a lot of them.  At last count there were over 90 roosters/chickens in my kitchen.  All reside in the kitchen because my husband won’t grant them visas to migrate past the boundaries of the kitchen.  Some are old, some new, some art deco, some classic and some from around the world. ...Continue ...more

With a few of my friends. Shakespeare! I love it! 

Contributing Editor ...more


What do Americans think of chickens in the Philippines? Are they petrified? Scared? Or stooped? Find out what do they think HERE.   ...more

I left a comment on your blog but thought I'd reply here too -- I've been actively missing ...more