On Cleaning, Cats, and Root Beer

This article was originally posted on the blog "I Try: The Additive Property of Happiness" on April 17, 2014. To see it in it's original habitat, complete with cat pictures, go here....more

Cooking with Coke: 10 Recipes to Tease and Tantalize

Tis a novelty, sure, to cook with Coke not carrots, root beer not rutabagas, Dr Pepper not bell peppers, 7-Up not sweet potatoes. But who's to resist the temptation of recipes that call for soda pop, especially when one cook after another raves about the results. Let's take a look at 10 recipes, savory (ahem) and sweet (that's more like it). ...more

I've made a Coke basted ham that was very good.  I think the recipe I used came from ...more