Wine Braised Beef Roast

Nothing beats a good pot roast on a cold weekend. The other week, I was craving something warm and cozy; but, in true Autumn form, I felt the need to make a classic comfort food a little more sophisticated and dressed up. It was that same sort of feeling you have when you’re home alone and stick on some sassy lipstick just because you can.Now in my opinion, a little.. or a lot.. of wine can make anything sophisticated and so much yummier. Here is my attempt at a more classy, sassy pot roast…if one can call a pot roast sassy....more

Goat Stew with Root Vegetables

Holiday Party Fare: Root Vegetable Pot Pie with Cheddar Biscuit Crust

{Editor's Note: This post is part of the menu at The Food Network's Thanksgiving edition of The Communal Table, an online celebration of holiday foods. You can participate in the event on Twitter by searching for and using the hashtag #pullupachair—we want to hear what you're bringing to your holiday table this year! --Genie]...more
I'm looking forward to making this!more

"Season of the Root": Aroma Cucina

Tuber or not tuber...that is the question.  Spring is not here yet and we're still eating roots.  Not a bad thing.  I happen to love my root vegetables and today we're featuring parsnips.  Read on.

baked vegetable chips

There is this little cafe close to my hometown. It sits on a street right by the ocean and has an adorable front porch. They serve only organic food and fresh squeezed juices. I love their pressed sandwiches. They make this one with red cabbage slaw, pepper turkey, herbed mayonnaise and swiss cheese on whole wheat ciabatta. TO DIE FOR. I love going there in the summer and relaxing on the porch. I dug up a picture of me and my friend Katie enjoying lunch there. This is from 2007, when I was still in college. Was I really that tan and thin in my former life? ...more

Hmmm I might have to try this with sweet potatoes.

Contributing Editor Karen Ballum ...more

A Sunday Kind of Love: Roast Chicken, Mashed Parsnips and Southern Collard Greens

“… I don’t want a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, or Thursday, Friday or SaturdayOh nothing but Sundayoh yea I want a Sunday Sunday I want a Sunday kind of love Oh yea Sunday, Sunday, Sunday kind of loooove.”- The Etta James version, A Sunday Kind of Love...more