Reminiscence Love Rose (2014): Love as a Perfumery Ingredient {New Perfume} {Rose Notebook}

Fashion jewelry and perfume brand Reminiscence have launched a new fragrance called Love Rose, an opus dedicated to Rosa Centifolia, the precious rose cultivar grown in the perfumery capital of Grasse in the south of France......more

The Perfumer's Workshop Ltd. Tea Rose Mesk (1999) {Perfume Short (Review)} {Rose Notebook}

This is a review based on a blind buy of an obscure flanker to a famous perfume, Tea Rose by The Perfumer's Workshop Ltd. (1972), a 70s hit and subsequent cult perfume......more

An update on my Rose

Rose, and she has come a long way, from her rescue date Sept 29th! I was snapping pictures with my camera, and she heard me and looked up, right at me in the middle of cleaning herself, and I just had to share it. ...more