Braised Pork with Rosemary

An easy and elegant dinner ~ Braised Pork with Rosemary...more

Rosemary and Apricot Rice Krispy Treats

I wanted to have a fun, munchable on my Oscar’s menu that wasn’t popcorn. I know, what is a movie awards show without the popcorn? But this year is all about mixing things up and trying something out of the ordinary. Which led to me to search for “sweet and salty snacks”. I came across a number of interested recipes, but was drawn to the idea of a rice krispy treat. I wanted to take the whimsical, childhood treat and make it more sophisticated. Kid food, adult style....more

Rosemary Dijon Salmon

As I’ve talked about a few times before, I try to serve fish in my house at least once a week.  Its heart healthy, low-calorie, has omega-3′s, and is just an overall good for you dish.  There are a few drawbacks when it come so Fish Night. T.J. still refuses to eat it.  At 2 1/2 there are still some textures he’s pretty picky about.  I haven’t tried real hard to make it kid friendly, which may be what I try with my next attempt at fish.  I’m thinking if I put some type of healthy breading on it he may actually enjoy it.  Secondly, Mike is not a big fish fan....more

Fresh Herbs

Our local farmers market was bustling with people last week. Everyone seemed to be out enjoying the first days of cool Fall weather. All the vendors had long lines but I didn’t want to leave empty handed so we stopped at a vegetable stand that was offering some fruits to sample. Just the thing I needed to occupy the boys while I picked up a few things and waited in line to pay....more

Honey Rosemary Pork Ribs

½ cup honey¼ cup olive oil¼ cup red wine vinegar1 teaspoon kosher salt5 cloves garlic minced4 sprigs fresh rosemary4 pounds pork ribs cut into individual piecesCombine first five ingredients with a whisk to create a marinade. Place ribs in a large deep baking dish. Place rosemary sprigs among ribs. Pour marinade over ribs cover with foil and refrigerate for 2 hours. Turn them after one hour. Preheat oven to 250. Place covered dish in oven and cook for 3 hours. Preheat grill or broiler....more

Sunday Pasta®: Penne al Rosmarino (Rosemary)

With a mom named Rosemary, as kids we loved the catchy tune “Love grows where my Rosemary goes and nobody knows like me…” Today is her birthday, and so happy birthday mamma!...more

Rosemary Salmon

Wow, I can’t believe how warm it has been the last couple of days.  It’s in the 80′s here in Charleston, SC. The azaleas are in full bloom and it has me wondering what they are going to do for the azalea festival this year that isn’t for another 3 or 4 weeks!  This kind of weather makes me want to eat pretty light.  I had my share of soups this winter season, but this weather has put me in the mood for lighter fare....more
This looks so easy and delicious! Will definitely be trying it!more

Today's Loaf

A few years ago, our family stayed with my parents, and my Mom had started baking her own bread (again, she has done on and off for years).  This got me inspired to start my own bread baking, as I have been a bit nutrition-obsessed since my first child was born.  It never occured to me before having children to worry too much about what I put in my own mouth, but once I had children I suddenly realised how important nutrition is, and since then have spent a lot of time thinking about and researching nutrition and how it affects overall health.  Anyway, shortly after coming ba...more
Sarah, this is beautiful. You are a talented passionate mum!! I really look up to you. My loafs ...more

French Oven New Potatoes with Onion and Fresh Herbs

The amazing thing about food? Even when things are down it's always there for you. It makes you happy again. Hence the term comfort food. The crappy thing about it? After the whole unhappy ordeal you gain 10 pounds and need to buy new jeans. Of course you could just look at that as an excuse to shop more... Anyway, enough about days of unhappiness! Bring on the food! So, I haven't been to inventive lately. I made some cream puffs for my cousin (and they were quite tasty... I snuck 2 or 3), but that was a family recipe. Not mine to give out. To bad so sad. ...more