Rotisserie Chicken Throwdown

Who makes the better rotisserie chicken; Costco or Whole Foods Market? Initially my intent was to do a blind taste test, but that didn’t happen. Nonetheless, we forged ahead and did our best to do part for part comparisons, and keep our experiment as scientific as my personality allows (so not so much)....more

Ten Ways to Use Leftover Rotisserie Chicken

The fantasy: Your house is clean. Your children have finished their homework and are playing by themselves quietly and without incident. You have the time to chop, sauté and simmer, and fill your house with good smells as you make a leisurely, healthy dinner, which your delighted family eats with enthusiasm. ...more

Too tired to cook recipes: Gingery peanut noodles with chicken + chicken and gruyere turnovers

We've all been there, it's nearly 5 pm, you wander aimlessly through the grocery store, your kids are hip to your frazzled state and they dump enough bags of chips and cookies into the grocery cart to last a month. You are too tired to care what they are up to at this point, all you want is something healthy and simple to make for dinner tonight....more

That I lived alone for a long time and a single chicken was too much for one person so I just ...more