Morning Routines that Successful Women Follow

Do you ever feel your crunch morning time is a mess? Is it like “so much to do, so little time” every day? Do you feel dull and tired in the entire day due to a jam-packed morning routine?Well, worry no more because today you’ll get acquainted to some simple yet effective morning habits to follow that will ensure efficiency and in general, more success in all your endeavors....more

Routines are for more than just bedtimes

The bedtime routine is a battleground. There is the reluctance to get it started, the whining during each step and a six-year-old's attempted negotiations that have to get shut down. After years of this, we are getting somewhat closer to the stage of acceptance and I know that one day, I can send him off to do his nightly routine and he will do it without question and I may cry a little on that night....more

Five Simple Steps To Happy and Healthy Skin

With so many products on the market, it’s difficult to know what’s best to use on your skin to make it look and feel great. Taking care of your skin is so important because it helps fight infection and acts as a barrier to the environment around us. With such a tough job it needs a lot of TLC.  My five simple steps will look at things you can do in your everyday routine to help your skin out:...more

The Terrible Twos -- At 20 Months

We have a routine in our house. I didn't have one in the beginning, but by about six months, it was necessary. I have always thought my kid behaves better and we are a happier family when all goes according to the regular plan.Down the road, people will ask me when the "Terrible Twos" began in our home. I will say "Right around 20 months." It was almost like a light switch, really. One day this precocious little toddler had bright eyes and an adorable smile. The next day, she spoke in demon tongues....more

Happy Bubbles: A Positive Routine For Kids Who Struggle With Bedtime

I realized that what she needed was to go to bed with happy, positive thoughts going through her head that would hopefully override the fearful ones. So we started Happy Bubbles. Every night after she was tucked in bed, we would "pop" happy bubbles all over her room. ...more

4 Reasons Why I Love Waking Up at 4am.

As a personal trainer, I often have to wake up in the early hours of the morning when everyone is asleep and the world is quiet. I have clients as early as 5:30am meaning I need time to wake up, get ready, eat breakfast, get caffeinated, prep workouts, organize my schedule, and pack my lunch for the day. With all of that on my plate in the morning I always allow myself a one and a half to two-hour window to wake up and leave the house. Meaning, for 5:30am and 6am appointments I set my alarm for 4am....more

Make It Easy

I understand why you might be confused.  I have been going on for two days about the hard things like managing one's time and diverting the sparkly things and the shoulds.  And now, the title of this post might seem out of place.  It's not.  There are difficult days in a long-term practice  but that shouldn't stop us from moving forward.  If you're struggling, the trick on those days isn't to kick yourself, it's to ...more

Morning Routine

Tuesday, January 27, 2015Tell us about your morning routine. What is one thing you want to change?...more

How Do You Know Which Exercise is Best for You?

Cardio, strength, circuits, HIITs, stretching. Each is a key component to good fitness and health, however how do you decide which one to do? Deciding which workout is best for you is a little science-based, because there is clear research that different workouts are better than others for specific goals, and it’s intuitive-based, because your body will let you know what it feels like doing on any given day -- or in some cases, what it doesn’t feel like doing. The trick is to listen to them both and then get your runners on and begin. These tips range for those who are completely new to exercise to those who are looking for new ideas for their workout. ...more

Five Minutes, Five Products: Your New Lazy Everyday Makeup

I don’t know about you, but when I wear everyday makeup, I want it to take as little time as possible. I’m a master of trying to figure out shortcuts to my beauty routine, just so I can spend five more minutes in bed (it makes a difference when it’s like 8 a.m.)....more