Tips for Making After School Easier

Last week, I offered tips for making the morning easier I had thought morning was the toughest time to tackle, which is why I started there. As I started to think about after school, I realized this hour or so may be even tougher. Morning is tough because my kids are struggling to wake up and get into the groove of the day. Mornings are tough because of their issues. After school is tough because of my issues....more
These are great tips! I struggle with after school because I work at home and sometimes it's ...more

Tips for Making Bedtime Easier

Last week, I offered tips for making after school easier; the week before I offered tips for making the m...more

Tips for Making the Morning Easier

Once you have kids, there are certain periods of your day that are just troublesome times. For many parents, these times include the morning stretch between waking up and getting off to work and/or school, the hour or so after school, and bedtime. I know for us, these have always been the hardest time blocks to tame....more

Routine to Succeed for the Work from Home Mom

Working from home is full of distractions. Period. When you're a work at home mom trying to care for little ones at the same time, the challenges for a productivity-face-plant escalate. Here's one work from home mom's solid routine that just might work for you too. ...more
Im eventually going to work from home makes me wonder about balancing it all.more

Two Minute Make-up Routine

 Getting ready in the morning after spending the night with a few friends, I suddenly realized that I’m the only one of us who wears make-up every day.  As we talked while I carefully applied mascara in the bathroom mirror, my friends discussed how they usually felt too rushed in the morning to bother with make-up.  ...more

Dear Journal

My girls are already excellent journal keepers. They insist on going over their day every night before bed. It's become part of our bedtime routine, and it's one I really enjoy because I get to hear their side of things. Many times they've interpreted a situation in a way I'd never have thought of. In some cases, it allows me to gently correct them, like, "no, mommy did not tell you no because you were a little kid. She told you no because touching the stove is dangerous." In that way, I think it's really helpful to reinforce important lessons....more

The Bed Time Routine

Little girl announced she was tired with a lot of crying and complaining. We'd checked if she wanted more zucchini? Chicken? Potatoes? Water?  She shook her head "no" for all but the water so we passed her the cup of water and she sipped it, reassessed, and shook her head "no".  She's all about this new head shaking and nodding thing.  For a week it didn't really correlate with anything, but now that she's got the motion in place - she's using it!...more

Why a Routine Can Help You be More Productive

Develop a work routine...more

Mission Impossible: Establishing a bedtime reading routine

I love reading to my children: especially at night.  After they have had their funny five minutes of jumping on the bed or fighting with their sibling, I quietly tuck them in and wait patiently for the ceremonious silence to wash over the crowded room like a tumultuous wave. I am fully aware of my audience’s eagerness.  Before the book, which sits firmly in the clasp of my warm hands, is cracked open, I am irrefutably conscious of the undivided attention placed on me....more
Refreshing ideas, but who removed your humorous, self-deprecating posts from the blog? PB ;-) more


It is the season for those sexy sleeveless tops that you know you like to wear; are your shoulders ready to be exposed?  To sculpt round sexy shoulders, you need to work all three areas of the deltoid: anterior, medial, and posterior. The following workout program will allow you to do just that. Perform this program twice a week, alternating between Workout A and Workout B, allowing 48 hours between workouts for recovery....more