Royal Baby Alert! It's a Girl! Congratulations to Will & Kate!

The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to an 8-pound baby girl! -PJ Gach...more

I like to think of myself as a Dee Lite

Many years ago when an heir to the throne of England was born astrologers were summoned to whip up a natal chart. This stuff was considered REAL and IMPORTANT back in days of yore. Nowadays, not so much with the horoscope. That just seems too contra-traditional so I have stepped in to fill the breech. Call me John Dee....more

Look for Less: Kate Middleton

On July 22, the world celebrated the birth of a little prince. The next day, we waited with bated breath for the wooden doors of St. Mary's to open and for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to emerge with their new baby boy. And when they did, it was a beautiful and historical moment. And you know what else was beautiful? Kate Middleton, of course. She had given birth less than 24 hours before and still looked absolutely flawless. ...more
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And then there was the time that CNN directly referenced a Duchess' lady-bits....

Well kids, it happened. The royal baby was born today and we can all now descend from where we have, collectively, spent the last week perched, trying to see inside the Duchess’ hoo-ha in order to watch the blessed event. I’m sad to see it end.Ok, I can’t keep that up. I, frankly, am glad it’s all over. My sister, however, is devastated. She set alerts on her phone from UsWeekly so that she would know the precise minute that the baby started to crown. Yea, she's one of those....more
@MrsDriver Right?!?! So awkward!more

Doula-Up, Duchess

Within the month, the Royal Baby will be born! You know—Wills and Kate’s tot, third in line for the throne, occupant of the most photographed belly bump in tabloid history.While there continues to be breathless discussion of pram shopping, plans for the final birth announcement, and possible names, I find myself preoccupied with other aspects of this woman’s pregnancy.SO, KATE…YOUR HIGHNESS, PRINCESS, DUCHESS, COUNTESS, MAMA-TO-BE…HERE ARE THIS POSTPARTUM DOULA’S WISHES FOR YOU…...more