Sugar Cookie Recipe


Pretty Pink Fabric Tufted Billow Weave Tutorial

 I just adore tufted billow weave on a cake, and have decorated quite a few cakes with the tufted billow weave method. Susan Trianos started the puffing trend and it would behove you to visit her website. she has an exquisite cake gallery!Back to the cake above: After adding the tufted billows and  Read the tutorial»...more

Sugar Christmas Tree

Whimsical Christmas Tree Cupcakes

I can remember watching  Dr.Seuss’ “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” every December since I was little. The 1957 book was adapted into a short film during the 1960′s. It alway mesmerized me, these cupcake where inspired by The Grinch. You won’t believe how entertaining and easy to create these adorable cupcakes. The embellishments have endless possibilities, start by sketching your cupcake on paper. I... ...more

Wet On Wet Royal Icing Poinsettia Tutorial

I wanted to share a quick royal icing technique, wet on wet. Wet on wet  is a method of using a royal icing constancy of 10-12 seconds to top outline, coat, and decorate your cookies  in a few minutes. For the poinsettia cookie above it literally took me 3.5 minutes to outline, cover, and decorate. Once the wet on wet method was finished I allowed the sugar cookie to dry for about 2 hours, piped a snails trail boarded, and  allowed the......more

Antique Lace Royal Icing Brush Embroidery Clock Video

Sydney’s favorite book is the Great Gatsby ( by F.Scott Fitzgerald);  I had promised her when Baz Luhrmann rendition of the movie was available I would purchase two copies. One copy of the movie for Sydney and one copy for D.F. and I, therefore we could all watch it together. I was blown away with Luhrmann’s directional view, “an epic melodrama that fuses old-movie theatrics and subjective filmmaking, period music and modern pop,......more

How to Make Royal Icing

Cupcakes with Candied Blood Oranges

I was inspired to try this recipe after seeing it on a fellow blogger's site: The Cilantropist. I used Nigella Lawson's simple cupcake recipe and topped each cake with a candied blood orange. ...more

Soft Molasses Cookies

Soft Molasses Cookies - This soft molasses cookie recipe is so easy to make.  The best part about the recipe is the versatility.  These cookies can be dropped and baked or rolled and cut into your favourite Christmas Cookie shapes and decorated with Royal Icing....more

Iconic Outfits: Guess which dress this time!

You thought I forgot all about this. Didn't you? Read more at Bake Happy! :) ...more