(THE 9 TO 5 SOVEREIGN) Top 5 Strategies for Dealing with a Demeaning Boss from a Former Queen Who Has Been There

Life was so much easier when I was the Queen.  My kingdom, the ancient realm of Bryn Mawr (not to be confused with that lovely town on the Main Line of Philadelphia where the talented well-ahead-of-her-time Kat Hep got her degree), required less than 25% of my time to keep it running smoothly. Of course, I had a lot of help in those days: witches, warlocks, servants and the occasional office manager and social director all of whom were provided compliments of the Witches Council. Although, I had to plead my case every year to secure the budget to pay the team....more

7 Reasons to Love The Royals on E!

 1. Princess Eleanor.What’s not to love about a princess who speaks her mind? And drinks and smokes and does drugs, too? I mean, she’s a gift to the people, really. ...more

Kate's Look for Less: Irish Guards Visit

Lately, the Duchess of Cambridge has made finding bargain versions of her outfits challenging.The problem? The upper classes of British women favor day coats or frock coats for certain royal outings. Absolutely no one else wears them. They're certainly difficult to find in America, and even harder to find under $200. This was the case with the Duchess' coat she wore on Saturday....more

Kate’s Look for Less: ARK Gala

Yesterday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge stepped out in formal attire to attend the ARK gala dinner in London. ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) is a charity in the UK, and the pair attended on behalf of the Princes Foundation. ARK galas have a history of being particularly posh with celebrities in attendance. Since this was the first formal occasion for the pair, Kate brought it up a notch from her typical high-end retailers....more

What it Means to be a Baseball Fan

Growing up in Kansas City, home of Royals baseball, I was always a hometeam fan. I have lived in many cities across this country, and as my husband and I have moved around -- from Texas to Pennsylvania, North Carolina, California and back to Kansas -- we have adopted and cheered on many NFL teams, but never another baseball team. In baseball, I have only ever, ever been a Royals fan. ...more
I've been a NY Mets fan for as long as I can remember. I have all sorts of gear. The life of a ...more

Blame my Grandmother for The King's Speech

Blame my Grandmother for The King's Speech? The King's Speech (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia...more