The Summer of George

The summer of George was a product of the Seinfeld series. His fiancée dies and he is going to have the time of his life that summer, doing whatever he intends to do. I believe a hunk of cheese eating while in boxers was also involved.This is not the summer of George that I am referring to.I am writing about Prince George of Cambridge, who is celebrating his first birthday today....more

Too Old for This

I spent the morning in an oral surgeon’s office, getting a tooth out.As I lay back in the chair, remembering people wiggling teeth to get them out when they were younger***ah,those were the days** but the sharp jab of a needle or two or three snapped my mind right back to reality.You think back to days where, as a kid, a crown went on a king or queen, and then fast forward to college years where you followed British royalty and saw tiaras and crowns on basically everyone you saw on BBC.Now, at 54, the crown is going to go in my mouth…**sigh**...more

How the English Empire Accidentally Created the Wedding Industry

www.TheFeministBride.comWe can thank the British for many things: the colonization of much of the world,not passing on their dentistry or cooking skills, our accents, the postage stamp, Mr. Bean, the pay toilet and gravity, just to name a few. But one thing we have never given them credit for is creating the wedding industry. Yes, it’s true. While their neighbors to the south, the French, invented love and the French kiss, the English accidentally invented the wedding industry....more

A Head Count of Henry's Wives on Showtime's "The Tudors"

Henry VIII is on wife number five in Showtime's fourth season of The Tudors. That means there's one more wife to go. And it's been fun, hasn't it? The Tudors has had it all: sex, politics, religious persecution, murder, intrigue. When it came to wives, Larry King had nothing on Henry VIII, except that so far Larry has only used the divorce courts to dispose of his wives. ...more

Royal jewels

There is no reason to look at a book of lavish photographs of jewelry except pure pleasure. Sheila Young's The Queen's Jewellery, published by Taplinger in 1968, shows the Queen of England in her prime -- not that the present is not also her prime, she being quite the formidable lady -- as a smiling and apparently very happy matron in her early forties. And why should she not be happy, at least in all these photographs from ceremonial and festive occasions? All her jewelry is real. ...more

Queen Elizabeth II and PBS's "Monarchy: The Royal Family At Work"

Queen Elizabeth II has got to be one tough broad.  She'd have to be to rule an empire for more than fifty years and still keep her head about her through wars, recessions and while her family splashed themselves all over the gossip pages. If you're like me and fascinated by her, tonight you can get an inside look at the Queen's life with "Monarchy:  The Royal Family at Work" on PBS (8-10PM).  It's a six part mini-series that will air over the next two weeks covering the Queen's daily life, state visits and the enormous royal machine that's required to keep the Windsors on the clock. ...more

The Women Of "The Tudors"

The second, intrigue filled season of the Showtime series "The Tudors" is in full swing and I thought it was a perfect time to talk about the women of "The Tudors" and the man who loved and beheaded them. ...more

Hi Jen,

I'm sorry you have less internet time, but more TV time can be a good ...more