A Year After Mumbai Attacks, Public Scrutiny Exposes Systemic Failures

In the build up to President Obama's first state dinner, news anchors wondered in awe and glee what new surprises --- like the now-immortalized Princess Diana-John Travolta twirl --- the occasion would throw up. Given that their guests were the India Prime Minister and his wife, I didn't expect another dance surprise. ...more

...coming from a Mumbaikar, Nita. Thanks and good to see you here again. I'm a lot like you ...more

Who Will Be The Biggest Loser This New Year?

Obesity comes at a cost. Personally, it comes right out of the wallet to pay for a premium airline seat, extra gas in the tank, time off work, and medical expenses. Physically, obesity exacts payment from the body in many serious ways. According to U. S. Government statistics, two-thirds of Americans, age 20 and over are either obese or overweight. That's approximately 133.6 million people with a Body Mass Index greater than 25. Of these, practically one-third or 63.6 million are actually obese. ...more