Leggings: Repaired & Ruffled

Ok so no new idea here but I hope that it just reminds everyone that we can all salvage those items with holes, stains, etc  that are perfect otherwise!! Out of laziness I usually scrap those items to the very bottom of the clothing totem pole and consider them the "play clothes that can only be worn around us and NO ONE else." Any-whoooo in case you haven't noticed elbow and knee patches are like mega in style and so darn cute... so I couldn't resist spicing up these little leggings. ...more



French Flounce Apron

Does anyone out there in internet land have more information on history of the FLOUNCE on APRONS from the FRENCH?  I sew and sell 60 plus designs of aprons and one apron design has a flounce (a none gathered circular trim) from one side of the waist, down around the the skirt, and up the other side. A customer told me " That's is French! I love my job!!  I get to make any dress style from any era, and create an apron just like women from the past did.  Blast from the past!!...more

God bless your day!! Lynn Kelly of Lynn's Designer Aprons www.lynnsdesigneraprons.etsy.com ...more