Girls and Sports: The Power of Showing Real Women Being Strong

A few weeks back, I wrote about the positive effect it can have on girls to portray female athletes engaged in their sports, being strong and competent, rather than as sexualized objects. For instance, here is a women’s rugby marketing campaign on campus that shows real women being strong. The campaign is for the club at Arizona State University. ...more

Thank you for posting one of our posters. This campaign was so incredibly fun to execute. ...more

World Cup - Who are the real Hooligans?

As all of Europe (and parts of the U.S.) gears up for the World Cup games in South Africa, I came across a terrific editorial from the WSJ in which the writer bemoans the bad behaviour of footballers today....more

Missing You Already

A cruel experiment into the effects of metropolitan withdrawal on a city girl. This is France! Where are all the Pret A Mangers? All I see are sheep... ...more