10 must not wears over 50

 I have a true confession I am no longer a blogger over 40, say what.......more

Breaking the Rules

I stepped out of the grocery store and watched a sporty black car zip down the parking aisle the wrong way. I could feel my neck tense in anger and irritation. The nerve of that car. What is wrong with the driver?Then the black car stopped, paused, and backed into the parking space. My irritation rose.I continued to my car, stashed my groceries, and headed home, all the while thinking about the situation. Why was I so angry?The answer that popped into my head: The driver broke the rules....more

Following the rules....or not

 Rules. Everywhere. No matter what. Rules. They follow you through life. Good or bad. Important or stupid. Rules exist. Keeps things in balance. Helps stop chaos.I teach my boys to follow the rules….it’s important. Rules are here for a reason. Now, some are stupid, as my boys point out, but we have to follow them.But, in the professional world, people don’t follow rules. Well, the good rules — if you don’t follow the stupid ones, I really don’t care. I hate the stupid ones too....more

Unacceptable! Kids Should Never Play in the Street!

I can't believe I even have to talk about this! Growing up, I lived on a dirt road just at the dead end. The road itself had very little traffic and given our location on the road, so it was nothing for us to play in the dirt at the end. Sure, we rode our bikes over to the few neighbors' houses down the street and kind of ran amok, but I think it was general knowledge not to play in the streets in town. ...more
Hahahaha, I thought this was a satire piece given the snippet at the top. This is serious? The ...more

I suck at following instructions

My understanding of blogging, tweeting, facebooking, and other social media is limited. I see them as tools to connect with others in a way that is conducive to whatever an individual wishes to achieve. Simplistic? Perhaps....more

Did I Say That!?

         Note to self: please stop issuing broad, sweeping edicts that you yourself cannot follow. ...more

Evaluation Day

At your job, does your boss pick a day to come visit you and watch you perform? That's how teaching works. My school is small so the principal walks through often. He knows what's going on but still has to do a formal evaluation once a year (more if you're a new teacher)....more


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