When the rules aren't clear

Let's say you have a rule in your household that there are no electronic devices at the dinner table. You have this rule in place because you are trying to establish the expectation for your son early in life and you don't want to become one of those families you see in restaurants - the ones who are all staring at personal screens and not talking to each other. ...more

Summer Screen Strategies

Summer Screen Strategies ...more

Why Dad needs to keep his voice down

I read a lot of studies about parenthood. A surprising number of them uncover changes that need to be made in the Mother's behavior, because either the study didn't cover Dads as well, or it saw Dad's behavior as not having a significant effect on the child. ...more

It's time for some Daddy play

My husband is stretched out on the bed while I put away some clothes. What happens next is inevitable: My son comes into the bedroom and climbs on top of his Daddy. For the next half-hour, they play some game that I don't understand, but they both know the rules. It involves keeping each other down on the bed and tickling and laughter and it makes no sense to me....more

The Number One Rule for My Daughter's iPhone

We gave our oldest daughter an iPhone for her 11th birthday. She is now 13. For two years, we have followed a consistent rule for the phone, and I believe this rule has helped our family adapt to technology in a balanced way. Image: Simon Yeo via Flickr via Creative Commons license The Rule is Simple ...more
Laura Kosloff Excellent point Laura: "The benefits far outweigh the downside of possibly missing ...more

Good cop; bad cop

At work, when things get rough for my team, I have to play the role of bad cop. (Or maybe it is mean cop, I am not always sure.) The point is: I sometimes have to be the tough guy to back up my team. And I am happy to take on that role. At work....more

Living by your own technology rules

Think about all the rules you have for your child's use of technology. Do you have rules around when they can use it? Rules to prevent bullying behavior? Rules around oversharing information online? Rules about the rooms of the house it can go into? How many of those rules are ones that also apply to you?...more

Sit Down! Some Rules Are Made to be Broken

Sit Down! Some Rules Are Made to Be Broken...more

Rules to Life

Here are some Great Quotes I found today on the Web- to keep your week going.  <...more

10 must not wears over 50

 I have a true confession I am no longer a blogger over 40, say what.......more