The Bahamian Queen and 7 More Daiquiri Cocktail Recipes for National Daiquiri Day

Grab your friends and celebrate with a glass of Paradise Punch Daiquiri and more. -PJ GachThe daiquiri is probably one of the tastiest classic cocktails that still enjoyed today. This sunshiney rum-based cocktail gives you the taste of the tropics with just one sip. Its origins are a bit misty; the cocktail may have been invented by an American Engineer, Jennings Cox living in Cuba in 1898. He watched men adding Bacardi rum to their evening coffee, and began playing around with rum and other ingredients.Rear Admiral Lucius W. Johnson brought the cocktail recipe to the Army and Navy Club in DC. It caught on, and people all over started creating their own. Hemingway, JFK and Jackie Kennedy were big fans of the cocktail. Jackie even showed the White House staff how to make hers.Read Scotch-Based Cocktails for Summer BlissIt fell out of favor in the 70s, but made a big comeback in the 80s. Frozen strawberry daiquiris became a big thing. By the 90s, this classic cocktail (in every flavor under the sun) was back on every bar menu. And so it stays! Wherever you travel, you’ll not only find the classic Daiquiri, but ones that can range from mangoes to melons to mint!Below you’ll find the original Bacardi daiquiri, a melon-based daiquiri, daiquiris made with toasted coconut, honey and more.Mother Jamaica Daiquiri Created by Willy ShineIngredients: 1 part Appleton Estate Signature Blend   1 part Appleton Estate Rare Blend 12 Year Old ½ part Fresh Lime Juice ¼ part Black Strap Molasses ¾ part Vanilla Demerara Simple Syrup (1-1) Directions: Add all ingredients into a shaker pint. Shake and strain into a frozen coupe glass. Garnish with orange oil, peel and dust of nutmeg, and blue mountain coffee grounds.Cruzan® Daiquiri Ingredients: 2 parts Cruzan® Aged Light Rum 1 part Simple Syrup Juice of a Whole Lime Directions: Pour ingredients into a blender with ice. Blend. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with lime wheel.The Bahamian Queen, original Bacardi Daiquiri, the Midori Emerald Daiquiri and more up next....more

4 Surprising Uses for Rum

It may sound like an old wive's tail, but rum can be used for many things other than making cocktails. If you've got a bottle of Captain Morgan rum sitting around the house, you have not only a spiced rum, but a sleeping aid, aphrodisiac, cooking alcohol, muscle relaxant, treatment for the common cold, and even an anti-inflammatory! It's a wonderfully versatile and useful beverage....more
ai_hamada_ You should be careful tweeting about rum from work... :)more

Rum & Eggnog Latte

Rum & Eggnog Latte Who doesn't love this true holiday classic? This Rum & Eggnog Latte is great to enjoy during tree trimming, present wrapping... or just to celebrate the holiday season. Ingredients: ...more
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New Limited Edition Captain Morgan 1671 Commemorative Blend

Looking for a rum that's as tasty and complex as you are? Meet Captain Morgan 1671. -PJ Gach...more

Spiked Apple Cider

Spicy and boozy Spiked Apple Cider will fill your kitchen with the scents of the season and warm you up on a cold winter’s night. more......more

Summer Cocktail Alert! The Caipirinha is my new fav!

Origionally posted on guys! We made it back safe and sound from Las Vegas. We had some awesome family time and did lots of exploring on the strip!The huz and I aren’t much for gambling but we do love some good food and cocktails, so we spent most of our alone time eating and drinking. So very us! ...more

Kiwi Rum Shooters

The inspiration for this shot recipe really just came from my looking at a really large box of kiwi's that I had bought just before New Year's.  They just all looked so plump and tasty on their big Costco shelf,  and so I thought I must take them home and eat them somehow. So, I thought I'd puree them all and add a little alcohol for a refreshingly delightful little shooter....more

Sun Fun with Rum

Happiness is being asked to take on a 'Fun in the Sun' project! Plus I have a 'Spiked Ice Tea' drink to share and I'll tell you all about it here ... Yo Ho Ho!!...more

~Drunken Peeps Cupcakes

I love this idea! I bet they taste great with vanilla rum!more

~Drunken Gingerbread Men Cupcakes!

~Drunken Gingerbread Men Cupcakes!   ...more
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