The Case for Running Backwards

There was a lady in our old neighborhood who used to walk up and down the sidewalks backwards.  Sometimes she carried what appeared to be two gallon jugs of drinking water, one in each hand.  She was very thin, made all her own clothes, and had a very complex relationship with her health.  She was extremely concerned about air quality, for example, and yet was married to a man who smoked so much that not only his teeth but both of his hands were yellow from nicotine.  I hated seeing her, not because she was so odd, but because I recognized her as a fellow neurotic. ...more

A Ten Mile Run Ten miles at a pace of 9.21.  I’ll take it.  Considering I stopped for photos, it was a good pace. Let’s start this run re-cap with nutrition.  That’s always been my greatest concern when thinking about running longer distances. I began my ten mile run nutrition yesterday and it went like this: ...more

Pistachios Sweet and Savory ...more

Quinoa Burgers ...more

Flossing Issues Today’s run was 10.08 miles.  I could have done without that extra .08 because it was an uncomfortable and arduous run.  ...more

For the Love of Picasso


My REAL AGE My REAL age is 8 years younger than I am!  Yay!  So I’m 30 something.      I actually think I could knock off another 2 years making it 10 years younger because some of the responses were left blank. Is my eye sight going? Didn’t I see them?   ...more

An Easy Routine: Workout Questions This is the week before we leave on a little trip to Hunter Mountain when both Ted and I are going to break our necks learn how to snow board.  The one time I went down hill skiing, it was easy. Both of us are up for the challenge of snow boarding.  I’m sure the future photos will amuse. ...more

A Beautiful Cabo Adventure

Ah, it’s good to be back! ...more

Why Mornings Matter: How Waking Up Early Revived My Mindset

How do you start your day? We all have different methods that fit our lives best. Some start with a bang: out of bed, out the door...hustle, hustle, hustle. Others need time, coffee, and calm to ease into the routine of another 24 hours. ...more