Caboose Lessons


Appreciation: Are you Enough?


Babes in Neverland: Stevie Kremer

A few years back I donned a tacky prom dress and heels, gathered my friends (also dressed in frills) and headed to a fundraiser for a local youth mentoring program. We arrived at the party and were greeted by a young woman wearing a giant feather boa and a vibrant smile. I don’t remember the details of that particular party, but the feeling and vibrancy of the boa-wearing gal has stuck with me over the years....more

Running -- The Cheap Sport??

I used to think that running was the sport that required little monetary investment. All you need is a pair of shoes and an open road. Right?Wrong. Oh so wrong....more

My First Stroller Run

Hi Everyone! Hope you had a great Easter!During my nanny session last week I definitely learned that babies are a TON of work. I had made lists for myself to get done on those two days and got basically nothing done. Part of this was my own fault because I decided to take my nephew out for walks or a run during nap time....more

Back to Basics


Race Report: Gobble Wobble 10k!

Stand in for the turkey I scored.Fun Fact: If you come in dead last in a race you win a turkey....more

What's Spanish for Miserable??

Miserable. That's what.It's such an overwhelming feeling that we spell it the same way. Sure it may be pronounced mee-sir-ah-blay, but say it to anyone and they get the point...and it's not good....more

Workin' On My Night Moves - Fear Of The Dark

Could it be? Was this just a fluke or was it for real? Is it possible that I am overcoming my fear of running solo in the dark?Today, I got up before anyone else could wake up. I snuck downstairs, got on the treadmill to get 1 mile before the crying began. (Lil Man - not me). He got his flu shot on Monday. He didn't sleep well last night. He was upset that his 'green light' on his clock wasn't on. He didn't want me to run. He did want me to run. Basic, 3 year old meltdown. It just happened to be at 5:40am....more