Physical Exercises - Is less more?

It has often been the thought that rigorous physical exercises are the best way to stay fit and healthy; it now appears that this is not the best approach and the latest way of thinking is “less is more”. ...more

6 Useful Tips on Selecting the Best Running Shoes for Men

When looking for the best running shoes for men, there are many great brands and designs to choose from. The most important thing, however, is to select the type of shoe that will adapt perfectly to your own personal running style and profile, while delivering comfort and quality at the same time.Following are a few of the most helpful tips, not just on finding the very best mens shoes for running, but also on making an informed choice when it comes to buying  for yourself....more

Lace Up To Shape Up: Begin A Running Program Or Start Again Now!

The other evening, a friend I grew up with in Palm Coast contacted me to ask my advice on getting back into running. He explained that, although he had been in peak physical condition during active military service, the demands of work and the responsibilities that come along with raising a young family have made settling into a predominantly sedentary lifestyle a subconscious decision for him.“I’d passively let it happen to me,” he explained. “But now I have a baby on the way and I don’t want to be a ‘fat dad’.”...more

Returning to Running: A Simple How-To Guide

The other evening, a friend contacted me to ask my advice on getting back into running.He explained that although he had been in peak physical condition during active military service, he's recently settled into a predominantly sedentary lifestyle.Wanting to reclaim cardiovascular fitness, he's motivated to make some positive changes.In regard to his fo...more

Run Happy, Run Smart!

I just knew I was on to something when I declared that the practice of...more

How to stay fit after cancer treatment

This past weekend I ran a 10-mile race. I realized afterward that it has been exactly three years since I received the call that changed my life. I remembered this same race, the Mid-Winter Classic in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, three years ago. I did not compete, but my husband did. That year the race was a few days earlier, and I didn't know what was coming.  I had a mammogram and ultrasound, done two days before, which were both "reassuring". I distinctly remember waiting for my husband to finish and thinking I had nothing to worry about.  ...more

Caboose Lessons


Appreciation: Are you Enough?


Babes in Neverland: Stevie Kremer

A few years back I donned a tacky prom dress and heels, gathered my friends (also dressed in frills) and headed to a fundraiser for a local youth mentoring program. We arrived at the party and were greeted by a young woman wearing a giant feather boa and a vibrant smile. I don’t remember the details of that particular party, but the feeling and vibrancy of the boa-wearing gal has stuck with me over the years....more