Returning to Running: A Simple How-To Guide

The other evening, a friend contacted me to ask my advice on getting back into running.He explained that although he had been in peak physical condition during active military service, he's recently settled into a predominantly sedentary lifestyle.Wanting to reclaim cardiovascular fitness, he's motivated to make some positive changes.In regard to his fo...more

Run Happy, Run Smart!

I just knew I was on to something when I declared that the practice of...more

How to stay fit after cancer treatment

This past weekend I ran a 10-mile race. I realized afterward that it has been exactly three years since I received the call that changed my life. I remembered this same race, the Mid-Winter Classic in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, three years ago. I did not compete, but my husband did. That year the race was a few days earlier, and I didn't know what was coming.  I had a mammogram and ultrasound, done two days before, which were both "reassuring". I distinctly remember waiting for my husband to finish and thinking I had nothing to worry about.  ...more

Caboose Lessons


Appreciation: Are you Enough?


Babes in Neverland: Stevie Kremer

A few years back I donned a tacky prom dress and heels, gathered my friends (also dressed in frills) and headed to a fundraiser for a local youth mentoring program. We arrived at the party and were greeted by a young woman wearing a giant feather boa and a vibrant smile. I don’t remember the details of that particular party, but the feeling and vibrancy of the boa-wearing gal has stuck with me over the years....more

Running -- The Cheap Sport??

I used to think that running was the sport that required little monetary investment. All you need is a pair of shoes and an open road. Right?Wrong. Oh so wrong....more

My First Stroller Run

Hi Everyone! Hope you had a great Easter!During my nanny session last week I definitely learned that babies are a TON of work. I had made lists for myself to get done on those two days and got basically nothing done. Part of this was my own fault because I decided to take my nephew out for walks or a run during nap time....more

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