How My Week of Extreme Self Care Turned into The One Day Escape Hatch

I ran into my neighbor yesterday, one of those wonderful folks who helped me out a few weeks ago, when I hit the wall. And then bounced off. Before being run over by a truck. You get the picture. Anyway, seeing her reminded me of a promise I’d made to myself during that crazy time: I was going to take a week and take care of myself. That’s right, one whole week. ...more

Chocolate and the Explorer

Whenever my mom would talk about my childhood, she would refer to me as “the wild one.” She would describe how she had to run after me all the time in order to keep me out of trouble. Despite her best efforts I remember two incidents that occurred when I was somewhere between 2 and 3 years old. Both stories are emblazoned in my memory because they had to do with my life-long obsession – chocolate....more

Forms of Searching in Retrospect: my Runaway and Can of Worms Stories

When people think of search in adoption they normally think of searching to find a family member to reunite.  But searching, for adoptees, goes wider and deeper than that.  Perhaps in forms that one would not expect.  Some search by asking questions about themselves.  Some search by looking through books and doing genealogy.  Some search by actually seeking out family.  Melissa's (Yoon's Blur) recent guest blog "RUN...more

Runaway Diva

I have a problem.  I am the mother of a five year old, but that’s only part of the problem.  I am the mother of a five year old who wants to run away from home....more

The Great Escape

I ran away from home on Saturday.  Seriously…I did.  I didn’t pack a suitcase or pack a snack…and I did eventually come home…five hours later, but I ran away nonetheless.  Friday was a really bad day with the kids.  It was just really bad and I was so tired at the en...more

The Day My Daughter Ran Away

This afternoon I experienced the worst fifteen minutes of my life. ...more

I am so, so sorry you went through even a second of such fear.

But I do have to say I admire ...more