How to Cut Down on Your Running and Racing Expenses

Time for a little myth busting: somewhere along the way, someone pushed the idea that running was free. ‘Just lace up your shoes and go!’...more

Running, Rain or Shine

This past weekend, I completed a 5K. Here's a run-down of some of the gear that allows me to run, rain or shine, in the Pacific Northwest:Shoes: these got me through a 1/2 Marathon and many many miles on the treadmill and around the neighborhood. Indispensable....more

2013 Athletic Wear Trends

  Some may be brave enough to say that the latest trends in women’s athletic wear are inspired by fashion’s awkward teenage years: the 80’s....more

Running Gear: What You Need

What do you really need to start running?...more

the Gear (and GoGo Bites!)

I closed up my bead business yesterday. After almost 16 years, I was done. That's it. There are longer explanations, but what's important here is now I have time to do what I consider to be my real work - making beautiful vegan food, and helping other people learn how to eat better and get healthier. If you're curious about the job I've just quit, you can visit my bead website at I know some people think I'll go back to beadmaking as a career....more

All I wanted was any running tee

I went shopping on Friday. I needed a new running tee and a new sports bra. In the end I got only the running tee but that is a whole different story.I was browsing through the (sparse) women's section of the running department looking for a short sleeved something that would feel light to the touch but not entirely "plasticky"....more