Eye Makeup For This Season: Blue and Green

The azure and emerald shades are gathering a lot of heat this summer season. Here are all the different shades and products that you can use for your peepers! ...more

Moms Strut Their Stuff on the Runways at Fashion Week

Celebrities, social media superstars, and top bloggers -- who just happen to be moms -- strutted their way down the runway at the first ever Strut: The Fashionable Mom Show! fashion show on the last day of New York's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week last week. The show, the brainchild of Denise Albert and Melissa Gerstein, aka "The Moms" of NBC New York's Moms and The City, was created to show that personal style doesn't end with gestation. The show was hosted by supermodel and mom of two Iman and Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Director of Fashion for Lincoln Center. ...more
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Valentine's Day Fashion: Honor Pre-Fall 2012

I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day itself. That's probably because I've worked in retail most of my life and get tired of changing out candy with each holiday. I mean, it's the same candy in a different bag... complete waste of time and resources....more

Christian Siriano Spring 2012 at NY Fashion Week

Christian Siriano is by far my favorite winner of Project Runway. He is extremely talented and has a unique eye for what women should want to look like. So it goes without saying that he won me over with his creativity but his spunky personality was just icing on the cake....more
NOTE: for some reason I have to reload the page in Safari to view the video. Just FYI.more

Would You Buy Designer Clothes?

I was recently at a party where a woman noticed my purse, a messenger bag from Target's recent Liberty of London collection (she guessed it was Anthropologie), and we got to talking about the new designer collaborations at Target and other big box stores and affordable fashion in general. "Even if I had the money," she declared, "I wouldn't spend it on designer clothes." Why throw money at expensive designer clothes, she asked, when fashionable clothing can be had for so much less at places like H&M and Zara and even Target? ...more
I have to say that the label doesn't matter to me.  Some of the runway looks are fabulous, and ...more

Gwen Mazer: Musings on Shoes


I Heart Ronson @ JCPenney

  I am so excited about Charlotte Ronson's new line for JCPenney, I "Heart" Ronson, and I wanted to share the pictures with everyone. It will be in stores, online and in the JCP catalog starting in February of '09. Based on the preliminary pictures, this stuff looks amazingly cute, but what's even more amazing are the prices! ...more

The #2 Anti-Aging Treatment

The #2 anti-aging product is an antioxidant. There are so many great products out there, it becomes personal preference. Are you a serum kind a gal, cream or lotion? I like to switch up between serums and creams. Just know that you need one – applied twice daily. Not only will it help with cell turnover, but it will build collagen…which is ever so important with each ticking day. ...more