Murdoch Madness; layers upon layers of schadenfreude

Many aspects serve to highlight Tony Blair's odious toadiness to power but let's see what happens when the scandal travels across Atlantic....more

"News of the World" Tabloid to Shut Down After Phone-Hacking Scandal

A big shoe dropped today in the ongoing scandal concerning allegations that the British newspaper News of the World hacked the cell phones of more than perhaps 4000 British celebrities, murder victims and ordinary citizens: the 168-year-old Sunday paper will print its last issue and close its doors this coming Sunday....more

Hey Nelle,
You're certainly right that there is a lot at stake. It's amazing to see how far ...more

Fox News (Murdoch) Gives HUGE to GOP

Below is a link to the written story and radio broadcast. It never ceases to amaze me that the Fox Followers (and I know many personally) still believe this to be a News venue. It is brainwashing, fear mongering and nothing but editorial. There is no news in Fox News and hopefully now people will begin to see how "fair and balanced" they truly are (NOT). I like this quote from the story: "We see Fox right now as the source and the outlet for Republican Party talking points," then-White House communications director Anita Dunn said at the time....more

Big News for Big Media

The media news roundup for this Saturday includes important new rules from the FCC, ownership changes for two of the nation's largest news companies, an appeal from leading women's media advocacy group and a prominent White House correspondent busting a move. ...more

Hi Maria,
One of the disturbing things about the way this vote was pushed through is that, ...more

Murdoch buys some religion : Beliefnet sold, the internet’s largest faith-based site which since 1999 has been a home to spiritual and religious content and dialog across all denominational and religious borders, has been purchased today by Murdoch. ...more

Waldman's statement clearly betrays his belief that spirituality is a commodity to be marketed ...more