Broadband Access Brings Work-From-Home Opportunities to Rural America

Broadband is expanding into more and more rural communities and bringing opportunities for remote work with it. If you live in rural America, gaining affordable access to broadband internet can change your work options overnight. With high-speed internet access you are no longer limited by your willingness to commute. Your search for work can now expand to telecommuting, and remote work-from-home opportunities that were previously unavailable to you. The opportunities may seem almost endless, so how do you begin your search for legitimate work from home?...more

Michigan Barn Quilt Maps

It's that time of year! Jump in the car for a road trip to see Barn Quilts....more
Will be taking the back roads to the beach tomorrow and will look for barn quilts, in case we ...more


This is our adventure of living in such a rural community in Montana.  My daughter chipped her tooth that the dentist had fixed during her time of braces.  Our dentist/orthodontist is 69 miles away, one way.  Takes alittle over an hour to get there, then we ususally pick up up something for lunch and home we go.  We have a dentist in town but I have been to him an was not pleased with him, he was rough, and gruff.   ...more

Life In A "Fly Over State"...

I was born and raised in a “destination” state…I live and will grow old in a “fly over” state…For those of you that are Country Western music fans, Jason Aldean has a new song out.  It is entitled “Fly Over States”.  My girls and I heard it on the radio recently, and I loved it.  It talks about the Great Plains region of the United States—at first from the perspective of someone flying over at 30,000 feet from New York to LA, and then later from someone who actually lives in a fly over state....more

Fifteen years and counting…an unusual anniversary gift.

Fifteen years and counting…an unusual anniversary gift.June 15, 1996...more