Liberals Don't Own "Women's Rights"

My phone rings and a familiar voice from the other side of the country says: "I loved your blog post! I emailed it to all my girlfriends." I confessed that I didn't know if Republican women would dig it. In truth, it seemed to upset liberals more. "God forbid a Republican woman take a stand for women's rights," she said. ...more
You're on the right track girl! One of these days these obnoxious, hypocritical, liberal men ...more


Fight Misogyny! Send this Letter to your Radio Stations!

(Want to write a letter to your local radio station about not tolerating hate rhetoric towards women but don't have the time? No problem! First, go here: and find your local station. Then fill in the blanks below. It's so easy!) Good afternoon [program director], Regardless of how you feel personally about the contraception issue, referring to a woman--any woman--as a "slut" is so far beyond the realm of acceptable speech that outrage can't begin to describe it. Rush Limbaugh's hate-mongering has been evident for some time, but in a world where we would not tolerate broadcast racism, we must also not tolerate misogyny. ...more

Hard to Believe

30 years ago we were fighting for our rights. Now we are fighting for the same rights for our daughters. Hard to believe.Please feel free to use my image to tell Rush Limbaugh's advertisers and stations that they are messing with the wrong people!Cynthiahttp://www.cynthiasblog.comhttp://www.hulahooppress.com ...more
I am trying to figure out how to use your image. It's great!more

I'd Like an Apology, Too.

Rush Limbaugh is in a world of hurt right now based on slanderous, base comments he made and then refused to apologize for until his radio talk show sponsors began to drop their support. And I'm glad.And I'm furious.I'm a Conservative Christian Woman, and I'm getting a bad rap all around. First of all, for anyone in government who really cares to listen, then listen to this:...more
Hi, Molly Jo - I'm on the other side of the fence from you, but thank you for speaking out ...more

Dear Rush and Rick:

An open letter to Rush Limbaugh and Rick Santorum:Dear Rush and Rick:I am a woman who has suffered from PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) from the age of 16....more
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One "Slut" Does Not a "War on Women" Make

Enough is enough.I expect it from the pundits who bash Republicans for ratings, but when Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz lays all the blame of the recent political garbage at the feet of Republicans, calling it a "war on women" -- I'm gonna call shenanigans.Since when did Rush Limbaugh take the place of God and savior?...more
 @Violina23 " suspect PP is the kind of organization that would help foot the bill if a woman ...more

The War Being Waged Against Knowledge and Female Autonomy

Rush Limbaugh's so-called apology isn't an apology at all. It's a way to move the limelight away from his evident bias, except he fails when this this bias crops up again in the second paragraph of his statement, in which Limbaugh disregards, once again, the many other uses for contraceptive pills, and dismisses women's concerns outright as something not worthy of being heard by the government. ...more
He's a fool, I think he most certainly did intend on attacking that girl. Everyone seems to ...more

Fallout From Rush Limbaugh's Offensive Comments

At the top of today's list of hot topics is the fallout for talk show host Rush Limbaugh over his idiotic comments made about Georgetown law school student, Sandra Fluke.  As I’m sure you’ve all heard by now, Limbaugh called Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute” in response to her testimony on behalf of her fellow female students at George...more
 @HomeRearedChef Before the news broke about Limbaugh's comments I was reading a book for my ...more

Rush Limbaugh Calls Contraception Coverage Supporters Sluts and Prostitutes

Initially, it is unclear whether Limbaugh repeatedly cites this fraudulent article as a means to justify his dishonest tirade or if he truly failed to do the appropriate research regarding Fluke's remarks, but as his show continues and Limbaugh plays more clips from Sandra Fluke's congressional hearing, it becomes evident that he is picking and choosing what he wants his listeners to hear, in order to corroborate the allegation he made in a previous show that Fluke is nothing but a slut who wants everyone else to pay for her birth control. ...more
He really screwed up this time.  Maybe now people will realize what a pompus ass he is. Just ...more