37 Years an Immigrant

Yesterday was the 37th anniversary of my immigration to America from the former Soviet Union and I forgot all about it. The date isn’t circled or marked on my calendar. Maybe my parents independently raised a shot glass toasting the memory, but I’ve gone years without noting the day. ...more

Sochi Olympics: Beyond the Stadiums. The Grim behind the Gold.

Sochi Olympics: Beyond the Stadiums....more

Love Is Traditional, Russia: Fighting Hatred & Promoting Acceptance

When you were a child, what do you remember most about learning about love?Love, to me, wasn’t represented only by a man and a woman being married. Of course, I associated men and women being married with love – but I also knew that my parents loved me, for example. I had love for my childhood dog, Daisy. I loved my sister, even though we fought. And I loved my friends. All of those things represented love to me....more

No More Russian Adoptions

This week, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave orders to the Supreme Court to make changes to Russian adoption laws in order to prevent same-sex foreign couples from adopting Russian children....more

Nice Diy and Greetings from Russia!


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Deleted Post...more

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First grade in Moscow, Russia

Note: these are my memories and my interpretations of what happened, which isn’t always the facts.  1989; Moscow, RussiaA little background:...more

Russian Borsch

This is going to be another one of those “my mother told me so” stories that I often find super annoying but have been learning to appreciate more and more as I age. ...more