Learning About Russian Culture Through a Cookbook

One of my favorite “hobbies” (one of many many many hobbies because choosing one thing and sticking to it just isn’t for me) is collecting old cookbooks.I love browsing tag sales or used book sales and finding cookbooks from a different era.  Imagine my excitement when my grandmother, who recently moved from Moscow to NYC, gave me a coveted old Russian cookbook....more
 @True Family Moments I love Russian food -- don't eat it nearly enough. :-) more

Russian Christmas

Russia, has been on my mind. I have never been there and frankly never really have thought much about the country or it's people. Recently my heart and mind has turned towards this vast land.The Lord is doing something, I  just don't know what He is designing. As I have learned this year, I will "get up and go" and then I will find out my assignment.  No I am not going to Russia, yet!...more

Back in the (Former) USSR

I never thought I'd see Moscow again, although I'd been dreaming of the place for fourteen years. ...more

Cruising in Saint Petersburg

The second stop on my cruise was Saint Petersburg, or St. Petersburg, in Russia. A city I had really looked forward to visit. So I was very excited when we arrived there. Now Saint Petersburg was the only city where we had to have a Visa if we wanted to enter.Full post and photos at: Cruising in Saint Petersburg ...more

Show me the beauty!

It is my impression that it is in - especially among (mostly male) correspondents, journalists, photographers - to show anything but the beauty of Russia.http://howtostudyrussian.blogspot.com/2011/08/show-me-beauty.html Sabinehttp://howtostudyrussian.blogspot.com...more

I nearly got kidnapped in Moscow and it was quite annoying

So you all know about the blog Bodacious Boomer don't you? Of course you bloody do, she is one of the Universe's most prolific and entertaining bloggers. Well, to give you a bit of background, BB has been working away from home for the last month, and she asked me to do a guest blog because she had limited internet connection and needed someone to fill in for her. Yeh, I know! I was also amazed that she asked me.   ...more

Russian Lessons: the Dacha

For years, I have wanted my very own dacha. Maybe there’s something about dying empires that stirs longing. In September of 1991, I boarded a train to Moscow for a semester of study abroad, during what was to be the Soviet Union’s final autumn....more

EU: between Russia and the USA

Today Europe is facing a hard time trying to find a balance between Russia and the USA. It is clear that Europe has lost its top priority place on American foreign policy agenda and Russia can not replace the USA's image of a big reliable boss.Russia, in its turn, has lost its illusions about the possibility of full integration in to the European structures and reoriented its interests eastward.Besides, both actors are divided by energy issue which prevents Europe from seeing Russia as totally friendly and positive neighbor with no hidden jokers in his pockets....more

Long farewell, USSR

From the historical point of view, Soviet regime was a more appropriate structure then a preceding archaic and ignorant epoch. One can’t totally reject the Soviet period, at least because the government managed to teach to read and write the nation illiterate on the whole in a very short period of time. In the same time, one can’t worship it unconditionally, because it proved impossible to teach to understand what was read and written in such short time, with all implied consequences....more

Alexander Rahr: Russia is a part of Europe

Here you will find an interview with Alexander Rahr, a well-known political scientist, the son of Russian emigrant, who has been living in Germany. In 2000 he published a book "The German in the Kremlin" about Vladimir Putin. Today he answers several questions about his vision of Russia and Russia's role in the modern Europe.http://www.eastwest-review.com/article/interview-famous-political-scient......more