If you adopt a child , would you return him/her back if you find he/she has psychological problems. A woman from Tennessee returned her 7 year old adopted Russian son back to Russia alone in a flight. Is it lack of love and selfishness or was the woman just protecting herself? Read more here--> ...more

American Woman Sends Back Russian Child, Russia Calls for Halt on U.S. Adoptions

The New York Times headline screamed out the fear that sits in the back of the mind of all parents who choose to build their families via international adoption: Russia Calls for Halt on U.S. Adoptions. The reason? A Tennessee woman, Torry Ann Hansen, who sent her 7-year-old child back to Russia alone with a typewritten note explaining why she wouldn't be parenting him anymore. ...more

Bombing on Moscow Subway: 38 Killed by Two Female Suicide Bombers

Two explosions during rush hour in Moscow have killed at least 38 people with the death numbers rising, the first such bombing in almost six years. The explosions were caused by two female suicide bombers who struck 45 minutes apart. Over 100 are said to be injured from the blasts. ...more

The Russia Speech The President Should Have Given

Posting this two weeks after the speech, in an era of instant news, would seem a little OBE, except for articles like John Vinocur's Central and Eastern European Countries Issue Rare Warning for U.S. on Russian Policy in today's New York Times.  Mr. ...more

When Needs the KGB When We Do It to Ourselves?

I finished The Doves on 30 June 2009:  stopped making changes, diddling, froze the text.  I had wanted a complete draft by 30 June; instead, I had a completed book.  So my husband and I then went into town:  some bourbon for him, some rosé for me, some some meat and veggies and fruit, including two pounds of fresh figs.  I am surprised I have not yet eaten all of them. ...more

The Russian president blogs and listens to the comments

The new Russian president Medvedev blogs at LiveJournal and has opened for comments. Now we are not talking about comments just for nothing. He actually reads them. The Moscow Times::    When President Dmitry Medvedev opened his blog on LiveJournal nine days ago, Ryazan region advertising executive Andrei Zubarev immediately posted a complaint about the conditions at a local children’s hospital. ...more

On Torture

I've been following, at a distance, the "debates" on torture.  Since I'm in a race against time to finish (in draft ) The Doves by May 31 (I finished Chapter 19 yesterday), I've pretty much punched out of current events.  My husband, the writer Philip Gold, sends me articles he thinks I should read, such as this one on Russian death squads ...more