RV-ing full time with two kids and a dog

RV-ing full time with my two kids and a dog has changed my life completely! Whenever you meet new people and introduce yourself to them, they end up being either ‘impressed’ or ‘stunned’ by the idea that I successfully live in an RV with my two children and a rather big dog which requires a lot of attention, especially when the kids are around....more

Lessons From Our First Camping Trip (in a travel trailer)

Our first camping trip in the travel trailer is officially under our belt!  The highlight of the entire trip for me was my husband singing “I’ll Be Your Man” to our 11-month-old with a chewed up corn cob as a microphone.  There’s something about being out there that just instantly relaxes you and allows you to be yourself and focus on what’s really important....more

7 Tips for Purchasing a Recreational Vehicle

We talked about buying a travel trailer long before (I’m talking years) we actually bought one.  Not that there weren’t opportunities; we could have bought a trailer quite a few times.  If you’re anything like my husband and I, a travel trailer is a big purchase and the purchasing process deserves time, thought, maybe even some budgeting, and research.  I’m so glad we held out for the perfect trailer for us!...more

Sudden Apron Obsession

I don't know where it came from, this this sudden, urgent urge to shop for aprons...more

Risotto Blasphemy

After all that talk about cooking yesterday, I got hungry for something new, and pulled a couple of favorite cookbooks off the shelf. The Urban Vegan...more

Stumbling Upon

We did about a week's worth of cleaning yesterday. The house looks great. We are pleased and hopeful, although as of this morning, there's no word on how the showing went yesterday. Patience. And rest. I need to rest. I'm taking today off, and hereby proclaim it Spa Day at Camp Taos. I'm going to lounge around, read, paint my toenails, and eat Something Good. ...more

Movement Doesn't Always Show

Take a look at these two pictures. There's a slight, but very important difference between them......more

Ink for the Greater Good

Three years ago, in honor of my 50th birthday, I had the I Ching...more

New Mexican Cemeteries

We had a breakthrough, a turning point, an energy shift of great importance. Our renters finished clearing their stuff out of the house, agreed to pay extra for damages, and we all parted as friends, with hugs and thank-yous. We couldn't ask for a better outcome to what started as a Very Unpleasant Situation this week. Two things were important to us in all this - that we did everything we could to make things better, and that we didn't screw ourselves in the process....more