Sudden Apron Obsession

I don't know where it came from, this this sudden, urgent urge to shop for aprons...more

the Gypsy Bead Chest


Risotto Blasphemy

After all that talk about cooking yesterday, I got hungry for something new, and pulled a couple of favorite cookbooks off the shelf. The Urban Vegan...more

Stumbling Upon

We did about a week's worth of cleaning yesterday. The house looks great. We are pleased and hopeful, although as of this morning, there's no word on how the showing went yesterday. Patience. And rest. I need to rest. I'm taking today off, and hereby proclaim it Spa Day at Camp Taos. I'm going to lounge around, read, paint my toenails, and eat Something Good. ...more

Movement Doesn't Always Show

Take a look at these two pictures. There's a slight, but very important difference between them......more

Ink for the Greater Good

Three years ago, in honor of my 50th birthday, I had the I Ching...more

New Mexican Cemeteries

We had a breakthrough, a turning point, an energy shift of great importance. Our renters finished clearing their stuff out of the house, agreed to pay extra for damages, and we all parted as friends, with hugs and thank-yous. We couldn't ask for a better outcome to what started as a Very Unpleasant Situation this week. Two things were important to us in all this - that we did everything we could to make things better, and that we didn't screw ourselves in the process....more

A Grand Day in Albuquerque

The saga continues. The Sunday deadline has come and gone, and our house is still not ours again... Another deep breath, maybe a small adjustment in tactics, and we launch into a beautiful Taos Monday morning. The air is clear and cool. We need a little heat to take the chill off the trailer, but it will warm up again as the sun gets higher. In the Great Balance of things, we are lucky to be here, and are trying our best to have more curiosity than complaints....more

Wild and Wooly - Taos Wool Festival

We're waiting, waiting, sort of patiently, for our house to be empty. There is some slosh-over of timing that can't be avoided, and while we feel the clock ticking on this ideal time of year to sell a house, which we really need to do, we also realize we can only rush things so much. We have a lot of work ahead of us. OK, that's actually a pretty huge understatement, but I'm trying really hard not to freak out....more

Fall Color in Taos

From our perch on Taos Mesa, we can see the splashes of yellow high in the mountains, telling us it's time to drive up to the Ski Valley and have a closer look at the changing leaves on the aspens. It's been perfect weather since we arrived here on Sunday. Very seductive. Taos can be a temptress. But we know her moods, and aren't completely taken in just yet. Still, we made use of one of her perfect fall days and drove up to the mountains yesterday to have a look around and a bite of lunch. We were not disappointed......more