In Rwanda, men work to change attitudes and confront gender-based violence

Nearly 3,000 local leaders have been educated and engaged to fight gender-based violence by promoting the concept of “positive masculinity”. ...more

Blue Helmet trainings to prevent sexual violence

To prevent and respond to sexual violence in peacekeeping operations, Rwandan and South African military officers recently took part in a scenario-based training course by UN Women and DPKO. ...more

Women in Rwanda

I'm not sure if I ever really wrote a post regarding the women of Rwanda and what they are doing. I looked for a post to which I could link this and realized there wasn't an appropriate one. So, I'll just start from scratch. ...more

Thank You!!!

To everyone who has been contributing to my Rwanda fund, I really appreciate your support. Thank you so much for your donation! I'm so excited about my trip - and amazingly, I am meeting so many people that are traveling to or have just come back from their trip to Africa. It's amazing!!!...more

Fun Fact Friday

So now that I am into my full fledge fundraising, I am going to start...more

Why Women Should Remember Rwanda

It was seventeen years ago this week that massive Rwandan genocides were sparked. April 6, 1994 marked the beginning of a three-month massacre. In just a few months, 800,000 people were dead. ...more

will be something to keep an eye on. Even in the United States and other western nations, I ...more

My most memorable moments from 2008 -- From famine in Africa to watching my brother win a medal at the Olympics

It has been a fantastic year. Four continents, multiple countries, many stories, both tears and laughter and everything in between. I'll just touch upon a few of my most memorable moments from the year, the bulk of which I spent in East Africa and traveling around the region. Near Ruhengeri, Rwanda ...more

Finding Sacred Spaces

It's is pre-dawn and the light in my bedroom is dim and placid. The house is quiet and my computer hums warm on my lap. In this moment, this space, even in my messy room, feels sacred, holy, set apart from the buzz of the everyday. Don't you just love it when that happens? ...more

Here's my post:


More Evidence That Women Heal The World

So there I was, feeling sorry for myself for having sustained extensive nether-region damage during the birth of my son ten weeks ago AND having the surgery to correct that damage BOTCHED (don't even ask), when I came across this: a Wall Street Journal report from Cindy McCain on the state of things in Rwanda. ...more

I wrote a blog that I posted last week here on blogher about Women's Power and that it will ...more

Illuminee's Story

A few days ago I received the best news ever. Illuminee's book got published and I no longer need to queue up in the 'other.' Let me start from the beginning. Illuminee came to me for help through my role at Norwich Mind. She's a survivor of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda and is now a refugee in the UK. She's a woman of strength and determination - motivated by one force, her love for her son, Roger. When I learned about what nightmares she had to endure in Rwanda, my heart bled for her. How does a human being overcome such tragedies without going completely mad and losing their spirit? ...more