American Idol: The Trip, The Access...and Ryan Posing!

Disclosure: American Idol Productions treated me to Hollywood Week and covered my travel expenses. As many of you fans know, we are on the cusp of a new season of American Idol.  As a fellow fan, I am excited, too. This post still finds me in the shock and awe of being chosen for an experience I'll never forget....more

American Idol Season 10: What's the Verdict on the New Idol?

Reports of American Idol's demise in Season 10 may be a bit premature. Yes, it's going through a major transformation. Only Randy Jackson remains from any previous season's judging panel. He's joined by two wild cards: Jennifer Lopez -- struggling to stay relevant in a world of Lady Gagas, Ke$has and Taylor Swifts -- and Steven Tyler, who has possibly not been relevant for longer than J-Lo....more

What a great review! I could really learn some things from you.
As far as Idol I didn't really ...more

Hugh Jackman Makes $100,00 Donation Using Twitter

On April 14, Hugh Jackman (aka @RealHughJackman) announced on Twitter, a microblogging social network, that he would donate $100,000 to a nonprofit organization based on recommendations written in 140 characters, the character limit for a single post on Twitter. ...more