For Our Children

For Our Children Her tiny body rolls into position on the pink and white patterned mattress. She sighs through her perfect lips...more

We Need to Talk About the "B" Word

September.How did this happen?!(I swear I say this every year, but whatever.  I'm saying it again.)The kids are back at preschool.  A super-huge, monumental shift for me, as this means I'm able to get back to writing after being in full-on mom-mode for the summer.And I'm struggling....more

A grateful heart: Remembering their sacrifice

On this Memorial Day, I am feeling intense gratitude for the men and women who have laid down their lives in the service of others. I've been scrolling through posts about parades, memorials, and images of the devastation of war (see here for a very poignant and artful slideshow of veterans' injuries)....more

3 in Diapers

I made an attempt at potty training (again) yesterday.After soiling every pair of underwear, peeing on various surfaces throughout the house- and all this in under 2 hours-, the baby crying and Benji refusing to nap, I aborted the mission. Sigh....more

Soon we will be out of the wilderness

After Lent comes Easter, but until then we continue to walk in the wilderness.  How has the journey been for you so far?  Click to share your path. Gale Weithers | www.galeweithers.wordpress.comE-mail:  | Twitter: @WeithersLiving...more



Give Up the Promise--You Want the Promiser!

God has great plans for you. The Bible says so. I happen to believe the Bible is true.Have you ever felt like you KNEW what God’s plans for you were? Perhaps even that He had told you, vaguely at least, how He was going to use you?Grab your Bible, whichever translation you prefer, and take a look at what Abraham knew. Genesis 12:2-- God told Abram that he was going to make him into a great nation at the ripe ole age of 75.Genesis 12:7--but Abram had no descendant.Genesis 13:15-16--Still Abram had no descendants, only servants....more


.October 27, 2 Tim. 4:6-18...more