Self less. My Spiritual Journey Part 1


Lent: Learning How to Die

I am realizing, as the new Lenten season broadens around us, that my fears, my uncertainties about who this God I gave my heart to is really, that they're about dying. Dying to myself and my selfishness, to what I...more
Dear Beth, Well contemplated. I am sorry for the loss of your daughter. I have many losses, I ...more


Mark 6:53-56As we approach Lent Ed Hays offers us a word about sacrifice:...more

One "Selfless" Sister.

My Selfless Journey, 2013. ...more

Selfless ~ Part 2

It’s One Word Wednesday,  and I haven’t quite let this word go, so join me, as I contemplate  more on this word: selfless. At the beginning of the year I chose a word to  ponder over and  commit to my conscious level of being and doing....more

The Bane of Ambition

I wake up some mornings, nearly bursting with ideas. I want to settle into my sunlight-striped office, and work. Work until all the ideas have been wrung out. Work until everything’s on paper. Work until something bears fruit....more

I Bleed For Them (poem)

Bleeding due to a wound afflicted upon another can be debilitatingbut that is what empathy is and I have it abundantly....more

Hate War—Love the Warriors

We are all war-weary. I’d be bold enough to say we all want peace—illusive peace. But, peace is never found by running off and giving up. That only makes the bullies stronger, bolder. Jesus said to turn the other cheek, but he stood firm against those who sought to do him harm. Our warriors stand for us against those conspiring to harm us, our freedoms, and our country.Hate war, but love the warriors. Give them gratitude for their great sacrifice on our behalf, not only on Veterans Day, but every time you think of them or pass one by.Merriam Webster says:...more

You Heard It Here First...

In case you've been wondering......NEVER schedule out-of town travel for college interviews after one or more parents has served as an Election Judge the day before. It is ill-advised and will break up the family. The seventeen and a half hour day with few breaks is a killer, while being nice to so many people is also taxing....more
@Laine Griffin Oh, me too! *High five* You know the drill. Good 'ol Mom. :) They just got home. ...more

Day 1

Hello world!...more