"Tribute to Robin Williams"

I as many was saddened by the news of Robin Williams death. The darkness, loneliness, his depression issues, alcoholism. We have lost a true talent to an instrutable disease/illness. Such darkness within oneself?!I hope his Family and Friends find solace. CLW ...more

Words left unsaid

The past tastes of sorrow and painA different boy had my heart then.When it came to the end, the words  unsaid left a bitter taste in my mouth.When it came to say goodbye on the phone, there was silence which was usually filled with “I love you”.The silence, the hesitation, the sigh, the hang up tone tore through me. It lay open the brokenness of our relationship.It exposed your unwillingness to fix it.All the things unsaid were enough to tear my world down. I could feel your disdain and what felt like hatred radiate from across our distance....more

A New Day During Divorce

Well, I don’t wake up, see new things and have “shock and awe”.I have “well, that’s just GREAT”.And sometimes?  I chuckle.  And sometimes?  I still cry....more
Shell_4_Tops boys always first. Always. But Michelle needs some peace too friend. Peace.more

Laying in Ruins

.Neh. 2:1-8; Lk. 9: 57-62 Guardian Angels...more

Letting Go

“We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” – Joseph CampbellI’m a planner.  I’m such a planner, in fact, that there have been countless times in my life that when plans went awry I was paralyzed with indecision and frustration.  I’ve gotten much better at rolling with the punches, but suffice it to say I’m still a huge fan of lists, schedules, calendars, spreadsheets, task lists and other fabulous organizational tools.  In other words, I’m a giant nerd.  No shame....more
Wow. I can so relate. My worst days are sometimes the days that have no structure. I like to ...more

An Unexpected Grief

(Sometimes we write to connect with others. Other times we write to connect with ourselves, our pain. This is one of those circumstances. This piece of writing is oblique and I know it.  Even so, I can’t bring myself to be otherwise. Yet.)  Will you weep with me? Share my woe? Then perhaps it will be halved, divided....more

When it Rains

When it Rains   When I was seven or eight or some naive age, I gave my dad a picture I colored of a rainbow, some rain, and a few clouds....more

Sometimes I'm sad I was born this way...

This is an excerpt from "Brynn's Bizarre Behaviour", A look at 8 year old Brynn's life with Tourette syndrome....more

What It's Like To Live Here

You feel like Miss Havisham, trailing around in your shredded, filthy wedding dress, pacing through the same rooms over and over, past the mouldering wedding cake and the long-dead flowers. And as much as you want to blame someone else, you know that you’ve only yourself to blame – not for the fact that he jilted you (although of course you wonder), but because you can’t seem to move past this one defining point in time. Your whole life will be the moment you realized that he was never coming....more

The Love of My Life

I did not know that Sunday marked a beginning. I was young, 13 or 14. Time passes slowly for the young and beginnings are difficult to trace.But the praying hands held just above my shoulder, peeking into my peripheral vision, would pique my curiosity. They belonged to a boy who just reached his adult height of 6’,1”, which he had yet to grow into. Although the incident was embarrassing, I watched for him the next Sunday as he followed his parents to their usual seat, his energy barely contained....more