Leopard Spotting in the Serengeti

The next 3 days of of our African Adventure were spent in the Serengeti. Our goal here was to spot some of the rarely seen leopards, ...more

My African Adventure

This autumn brought the trip of a lifetime....more

Feminism &... the cheetah?

Basically I've been working my tail off in the pursuit of conservation photography for the cheetah.  I realized through networking and starting the project that the movement seems to be run by women....more

the jacket project day 5

Eddie Bauer safari jacket. I bought this for our trip to The Galapagos last summer. It seemed like an essential item for the trip. It packs very well, is lightweight and doesn’t easily wrinkle. I channel Osa Johnson when I wear this jacket. ...more

Finding Authentic Beauty on Mt. Kilimanjaro

When people ask me what I do for a living, my answer usually results in a response akin to "You What?" I own a safari company and take people to Africa. And yes, I am a certified field guide. I've been traveling to Africa for the past many years, having gone over thirty times (I haven't kept exact track of the numbers). It sounds impossible. How could a 48-year old woman raised in Birmingham, Alabama wind up as an Africa guide? ...more

Thanks for your article, I can't leave NY right now so reading articles like this take me away ...more

Lions and tigers and thread counts - oh my!

Sitting in my newly purchased regulation green cargo pants, perched anxiously on the side of our open top jeep, I could feel the beat of my pulse blasting a 21 gun salute to my imminent funeral. My breath was still and shallow as he walked toward me....more

Out of Africa III

 Out of Africa III ...more

Please also read parts I and II on my blog for the full ...more

Zara Tanzania Adventures

Overall, we had a sucessful Tanzania adventure with Zara Tanzania Adventures. We did their thirteen day Kilimanjaro trek (via the Machame, or Whiskey, route) and Serengeti safari package. We made it to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro and we saw the "Big Five" (plus dozens of other wonderful animals) on safari. But there were a few times when we thought, "This could be better." ...more

My Yoga Online Gains New Full-Screen Streaming Technology

MyYogaOnline.com has re-launched its website with improved Flash Streaming Video technology. The latest version of Flash Streaming Video not only improves the picture quality of MyYogaOnline.com’s video lessons, but also the speed and ease of use for PC and Mac formats. The new enhancements at MyYogaOnline.com ensure that all videos stream in full screen near DVD quality at DSL and cable accessible speeds on all web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. ...more