On the subject of my new book: Yes, there's a bit of food thrown in for good measure

Followers of my blog know that my little place in cyberspace is principally about food. You see, I have an undying affection, dare I say a love affair, with cuisine. And why shouldn't I? Like air and water, food is a life sustaining force. Without it, we would perish. So for the things in life that are necessities, I reasoned that I may as well go all out and love 'em with a fervent gusto. Hence, this passionate affliction of sorts that I am all too happy to call my burden....more

Finding Authentic Beauty on Mt. Kilimanjaro

When people ask me what I do for a living, my answer usually results in a response akin to "You What?" I own a safari company and take people to Africa. And yes, I am a certified field guide. I've been traveling to Africa for the past many years, having gone over thirty times (I haven't kept exact track of the numbers). It sounds impossible. How could a 48-year old woman raised in Birmingham, Alabama wind up as an Africa guide? ...more

Thanks for your article, I can't leave NY right now so reading articles like this take me away ...more