Think Before You Pink

While October is National Vegetarian Month, it is better known as Breast Cancer Month. We all know the pink ribbon and these days it is hard to go to the shops without seeing something that has been pinkified. ...more

Hi...Thanks for letting me know about this foundation. Will keep an eye out for ...more

I need sunscreen help! (And yeah, I realize summer's almost over.)

So, I hardly ever use sunscreen even though I know all about the dangers of skin cancer. The laziness that makes me "green" by default because I can't be bothered to put makeup on my face or use other girlie skin products is the same laziness that results in way too much unprotected sun exposure than this white girl should be allowed. ...more

I also buy the Burt's Bees sunscreen. It is 100% natural, chemical free, SPF 30, and offers ...more