Sticks and Stones: 6 Tips for Rollerblading Safety

So, this happened. In the dumbest way possible....more

Reasons a Space Heater Can Cause a Fire, & Safety Tips

Do you know the three reasons why a space heater can cause a fire, and what the No. 1 reason is?As a home security specialist, one of the areas of safety that I’m always screaming about during the cold weather is space heater safety, including making sure people know the reasons why such a little device could bring an entire house down in ashes....more

10 Lifesaving Smoke Alarm Safety Tips

One minute or less……is all the time you may have to escape a fire in your home. Schlage, which is dedicated to keeping homes and families safe, sound and secure, and I ask: “Do you have a smoke alarm?” It can double your chances of escaping death. Home smoke detectors have cut fire fatalities in half since they came on the market in the early 1970s....more

10 Christmas tree safety tips

My friends at Schlage want you to have a safe holiday season. Did you know that Christmas trees can kill? Not by falling on you, but by burning down your house. Between 2006 and 2010, about 230 home fires per year were responded to by U.S. fire departments, killing an average of four people each year and injuring many more....more

Fight or Flight: What Would You Do?

First, I’m a big believer in running away from a predator. If some whack job breaks into your home and wants to hurt you, RUN out the nearest door. But if you are backed into a corner or a loved one needs protecting, then you may have to fight.Mom and Dad teach us not to hurt others. As children, we are taught kindness and manners. This is called civilized conditioning. Civilized conditioning is what allows us to inhabit a civilized society without having to worry every second about violence. ....more

10 Ways to Prevent an Abduction

A recent article I wrote, titled “A Predator is Always a Predator,” discussed the 750,000 registered sex offenders in the U.S., the thousands more unaccounted for, the thousands more who’ve never been caught, and the fact that predators live amongst us. In Cleveland, Ohio, the residents know this all too well....more

10 Tips for a Safe and Secure Spring Break

Spring has arrived, and students are gearing up to head to warmer climes and tear it up on spring break. Coming from a dad who a) tore it up a bit at that age himself and b) lives and breathes safety/security, I have a few tips—from low tech to high tech– to keep teens and twentysomethings from getting into trouble, becoming victimsorhaving their identity stolen, which—believe-me—will put a real damper on a vacation....more

Competitive Fire: Tips for Preventing Injuries in Youth Sports

  Well, what do you know? Dear Husband is back again today. And it looks like you will get some "Fatherly Advice" on Friday....more

Safety Tips for College Women

Rape or sexual assaults against college women is a huge problem today. Information from reliable sources have disclosed alarming statistics. One study done by researchers at RTI International, Bowling Green State University, the University of Cincinnati, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill which was released in June, 2009, is of particular concern. ...more

What Every Mummy (And Daddy) Should Know To Keep Their Kids Safe During Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching, Larry and Kimberly Elliott of Executive Defense Technology are doing a lot of radio and TV interviews on Halloween safety for your kids. An area that they are being quizzed on is safety tips for teenagers that head out for a night of fun. ...more