The SAG Awards Recap - DVR Shortcut Style

Last year in order to watch the Emmy Awards, I came up with the DVR Shortcut viewing technique.  What you do is you set your DVR to start recording the show and then half an hour before the scheduled end of the show, in this case 9:30 PM, you start watching the show on the DVR.  Your goal is to watch the whole show in thirty minutes or less.  It's a television viewing technique whose time has come and it's perfect for award shows.  Trust me, it will save you many hours of bad TV viewing time.  All those bad jokes?  Zip, zip...whiz right by.  All those ridiculous show fillers?  Click, click...on to the next award.  That's what I did with the SAG Awards last night and I can't tell you what a satisfying experience it was.  Well, actually, yes I can. ...more