Pruning the Sage Hedge

 The sage hedge is one of my favorite parts of the herb garden at Rutgers Gardens.  When it is in bloom in the spring, it is magnificent.  Sage is a salvia (Salvia officinalis) with flowers that are just as beautiful as the salvias in my flower garden....more

Spicy Kabocha Squash Soup with Sage


Plate-Licking Recipe: Scallops, Corn Nage, Shitakes and Sage

Here is my successful version of an amazing dish I had at Alex Guarnaschelli's Butter Restaurant in NYC. Easy to make and soooooo good. Jump over to my blog to read the whole post and get this "keeper" recipe for scallops and great summer corn! It Up!Rachel Willen...more

Sunday Pasta ™: Ravioli di Spinaci al Burro e Salvia (Butter and Sage)

A penny for your thoughts. That’s right. It’s time for a little pillow talk, Italian style. And since any and all Italian conversations invariably lead back to food, let’s talk about the delicious, soft pillows that are ravioli....more

About Salvia (Sage)

I have always liked sage—and sage and butter are such a beautiful couple! A sage sauce literally can I turn a bad day good for me.   Sage is said to be used most often in northern Italian dishes, and particularly in Tuscany (which we also visited in the last Sunday Pasta)....more

More Bath Bag Recipes

Lavender Mint2 c lavender1 c dried or fresh mint1 c powered milk...more

Last Herb Standing

I know, I've already talked about micro-climates. But I can't say enough about them. When they work, they really work. By now the herbs should have packed it up with the rest of the plants. At least here in Minnesota. All you Texans and Californians with your rosemary hedges and lavender-lined walks will just have to sit on your hands while I prattle more at