For the Love of Boats

If you love boats, you are in good company. According to the U.S. Coast Guard, 74 million Americans spend time on boats.  Over 22 million people own boats, and that does not include small, unlicensed  watercraft.  I am not alone with my infatuation for boats....more


The weather had forecast some rain in the afternoon yesterday.  We headed out to Elbow early in the morning anyways.  We had waited so long for the first sail of the year.  It was time to get out of Dodge, away from the traffic,  noise and speed of life....more

Climbing up Mt Hobson in New Zealand - The View Really Is Worth It

Mt Hobson is the highest mountain on Great Barrier Island, rising 621m above sea level in the beautiful Hauraki Gulf in New Zealand. If you're spending some time in Great Barrier, climbing up to the top of Mt Hobson is a great outing. Once you make it up top, there are some spectacular views over the island and across the Hauraki Gulf and, if the weather is cooperating, you can even see the Coromandel Peninsula. ...more

How to mutiny in 10 easy steps when your husband gets on your nerves

My husband Scott is the skipper of our little boat which makes me the crew. There are a lot of important tasks and duties that the crew needs to be able to carry out effectively and one of them is to mutiny. This is an extremely important skill that every sailor and wife needs to know how to do. We’ve all been in those situations where the skipper of your boat is being really annoying and getting on everyone’s nerves. ...more

Freedom of Speech and Hiding Behind My Blog

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post on my blog about freedom of speech and boat names. Normally, I write about something and move on to the next thing. But this one has been sticking with me. I’ve been reflecting on the whole issue of freedom of speech and come to the realization that I might in fact be hiding behind my blog. I’m curious what you think, so here’s the story…...more

Sailing in New Zealand's Hauraki Gulf

After a successful brainwashing campaign, my husband has got me hooked on sailing. We took the big plunge last year and bought our first sailboat in New Zealand. We even plan on moving on to her in a few months to begin cruising full-time. That is some very effective brainwashing on his part!  ...more

How a Lamb Kebab in Senegal Ended My Teenage Vegetarian Rebellion

As part of my preparation to live on our sailboat full-time, I've been experimenting with cooking with cans. You never know when you'll next find a supermarket out on the big blue sea so it is important to be able to conjure up meals out of what you have in your food storage. ...more

WilliamChanter- Another in a Long Line of Diabetic Sailors

This July, another crew of adventurers will push the boundaries of what is possible with diabetes. William Chanter and Tom Baker will attempt to sail 55 around the Isle of Wright in England. The Isle of Wright is a small island off the coast of Great Britain and is the smallest county in England on a high tide. On a low tide it becomes the second smallest county....more

Sailing With Diabetics

This is a reprint of an article I wrote for Multihulls Magazine Jan/Feb 2013. It was geared towards sailors and crew members who are not familiar with diabetes. As a person with diabetes, it would be a great primer for anyone you may sail with to be followed up with a discussion of a more detailed plan of action. Insulin on Board...more

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