Summer Cocktails: Lychee Saketini

We first had a Lychee Saketini in a swanky restaurant on the roof of the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong. It was the eve of the British hand- back of the colony to the Chinese. The air was festive and apprehensive, solemn and jubilant. A mix of East and West. So it seemed fitting to order to order a drink made from sake and vodka. Besides, we have a thing for lychees. Yesterday, at our local market, we stumbled upon a crate of fresh perfectly ripe lychees and brought them home. Guess what we did with them? ...more

Ken Oringer’s Lacquered Pork Belly With Preserved Lemon, Soy Sake Glaze

This post is the first time I have ever made Braised Pork Belly and now, today, I understand why Pork Belly is so popular. If I were to get another tattoo and if I were a daredevil in my teens, having cooked this: perhaps it would be a pig. Perhaps not. But I understand it...I really do....more

Eye'll Eat Anything Teriyaki