Winter Salad

There is something about the crisp apples, sweet cranberries, and tangy feta cheese that make this salad a favorite of mine.  A balsamic dressing doesn’t hurt either.  Balsamic Vinegar is probably my favorite vinegar, you just can’t beat that slightly sweet tangy-ness combined with such depth of flavor....more

Apple Cheddar Salad

Cheddar and apples is a tough combination to beat.  It was always my favorite childhood snack.  These days I prefer my cheddar and apples over a bowl of greens with creamy dressing and freshly ground black pepper.Read more......more

Marinated Steak Salad With Sesame-Lime Dressing

Marinated Steak Salad With Sesame-Lime DressingLeave a reply...more

Spinach salad with honey mustard vinaigrette

Isn’t this a gorgeous salad? These colors go great together. Nature has a way of making itself so appealing to me. Serves 2Ingredients...more