The Best Salad You'll Never Lose A Pound Eating

Our local pizza joint has the most delicious, won't lose a pound, everything but the kitchen sink, eat a salad as a meal, salad.  It's delicious and I hope you try it soon, especially with the hot weather starting to kick in, in a lot of places....more

texas two-step...

OK, maybe it isn't exactly local or even possibly sustainable, but sometimes I really have no choice. When I saw this asparagus, well, it just sort of inveigled its way into my reusable bag. I mean, I'm all about supporting the local folks, just ask anyone, but wow... ...more

old king cole (slaw)

Cabbage is affordable, widely available, good for you, and, oh did I say affordable? Raw cabbage is high in fiber, runs under 20 calories a cup, has a good amount of vitamin C, and is an excellent carrier for a variety of dressings. I've been enjoying this particular raw cabbage salad in a variety of permutations for the past few summers and my apologies for not sharing it sooner!Several years ago my friends in California took me to a Burmese restaurant for lunch.... ...more

Grilled Potato & Broccolini Picnic Salad Recipe

When it comes to picnic food, I can’t help but think of the American staple, potato salad. So many directions you can go&;151;I had to put a spin on this classic perennial favorite. ...more

I love to create recipes, and, of course, I LOVE to eat. Lol! And I can very easily imagine the ...more

Apple and Corn Salad- Quick and Easy

    Check out this new recipe Apple and Corn Salad! Quick and Easy!

Avocado Sesame Seed Salad

Read about life on our West Texas farm here: is – hands down – my favorite salad ever. It’s one of the recipes that my mom made throughout my childhood, but I refused to eat it. In fact, I pretty much refused to eat anything with onions. Of course, now, I put onions in almost everything I make. When I went through my year of being a vegetarian, I was desperate for new foods and new recipes. So, I started making this salad – and not just eating it, but devouring it....more
the avocado seed that is, not the sesame seeds.. lol, I should proof read!more

7 titles I need to use for the cover of a book...

Blog Directory Okay so I've thought a handful of times about wanting to write a long long story about some subject that I have total interest in but which I think most people would quit reading after an hour, or maybe that's too optimisitc, like twenty-thirty minutes...But here's another one for you...Maybe if I took a list of all the things friends and family /the news has been wondering about all this time and put it on the cover of a book, I could get some fish...hey! lemme know...more

Mmmm...Lunch! (Chicken, Jicama & Apple Salad)

It's a beautiful day here in Boston, as the heat broke last night along with the humidity.  But, it's still sunny and warm, and feels like what summer should always feel like. I've been craving nothing but cool foods lately, so I wanted to share my latest creation with you. Chicken, Jicama & Apple Salad....more

Roasted Yam Arugula Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette, by a Menopausal Chef

Becoming menopausal has not only altered my personality, but it has also triggered food cravings; and sweets seem to arouse my heart’s desire to no-end. Little did I know that my vinaigrettes—my heart’s creations on a whim, fashioned to sate my sweet-tooth with tartness—would be so well received from family and friends. I now make these often for them, served vegetarian or with shrimp. It is for this reason that I have decided to share my treasured recipes, here on Blog.Her. And this dish, in particular, is simply dazzling on the taste-buds. A great combination of flavors!...more

Japanese Spicy Crab Salad ~ Better Than At The Sushi Bar

Japanese food is an enigma. A delicate balance between the over cooked and the uncooked, between the overly seasoned and the unseasoned… A balance of extremes. Japanese cuisine reflects its culture. A graceful symmetry between the old and the new. A level scale holding on to the past and pressing into the future....more